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We have pinpointed the culprit:  A deep, heavy sleep.  It’s an inherited condition that causes bedwetting to continue year after year


For 42 years, putting a permanent stop to bedwetting has been our specialty and commitment.  All of our programs are for people who want personal counseling and ongoing expert care that targets and resolves the detrimental reason for this relentless problem.

You can expect each program to:

  • End the heavy and hard problematic sleep that causes bedwetting –  #1 priority
  • Develop a healthy bladder response
  • Resolve daytime challenges related to the sleep deficiency like daylong tiredness, lack of focus, frustration, difficult mornings and more

All of the following are ineffective to stop bedwetting:

After years of researching, purchasing products, and being misinformed and misled, we acknowledge you for persisting to find a full-service bedwetting program that works.

We provide a solution to stop bedwetting.  Together we will end the problem–permanently!

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Help for Adult Bedwetter

Founder, Barbara J. Moore (left) with daughter Gaile (right)

Founder, Barbara J. Moore (left) with daughter Gaile (right)

Founder, Barbara Moore, walked in your shoes.

Her daughter, Gaile, was an older child still wetting the bed. Barbara tried multiple ways to help stop Gaile’s bed wetting–including prescribed drugs– but everything failed. The breakthrough came after discovering that the cause of chronic bedwetting is an inherited deep-sleep pattern.  Every parent Barbara has spoken to since confirms their child also sleeps very deep and yet did not make the connection between bedwetting and deep sleep.

Barbara developed a protocol for Gaile’s bedwetting problem that focused on not only the deep, heavy sleep, but the bladder weakness as well. As a result, she and her staff of specialists have worked with children, teenagers, and adults around the world for over 40 years.

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Enuresis Treatment Center – #1 bedwetting treatment solution in the world and the only clinic with a 97% success rate.

  “Bed wetting, also know as nocturnal enuresis, is estimated to affect 26 million people.”

bedwetting treatment for kids and teensDid you know: 

  • 1 in 30 Teenagers Wets the Bed.
  • We Offer A Program for Teens With Guaranteed Results
  • 73% of our Patients Are Teenagers

Teens tell us they become more embarrassed about the bed wetting with each passing year, and that they are tired of being told they will “outgrow” it. We understand the sensitivity of this issue, and we provide everything needed to stop bedwetting.

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