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Have you been trying for years to end bedwetting? 

The fact is, nobody has to live with bedwetting – NOBODY!

Introducing The Bedwetting Cure™Time-tested bedwetting therapy effectively targeting the hidden cause: Unhealthy deep sleep.

The Top Five Misleading Suggestions For Treating Bedwetting

  • Take Medication – Often the first suggestion from physicians, the medication effectively dehydrates the body, and is known to be only a temporary fix at best.  If it works at all, once the medication is discontinued, the bedwetting resumes immediately.  The serious side effects need to be taken into consideration as well.

  • Wait, It Will Go Away – Often the second suggestion from physicians, but equally erroneous.  Bedwetting is not a medical condition, so we have to look beyond the physical. Most of our patients are teens and adults who have been waiting their whole lives to outgrow bedwetting, and dealing with the effects of poor quality sleep along the way.

  • Use  A Software Program + Blue Mat Alarm – This inexpensive product ends up costing you more.  We hear from families every day who have tried it and wasted their investment.  Videos and data entry cannot replace close personal guidance because changing a sleep pattern is complex and nuanced, and requires a structured and consistently modified program.  Unlike this company claims, permanent dryness cannot occur within a few weeks, and because there is no follow-through, they cannot guarantee a dry bed for life.  Integral support is not offered.  

  • Restrict Fluids –  Consumption of fluids is not a contributory factor to bedwetting.  One could refrain from drinking all day and still wet the bed at night.  Excessive fluids before bed will only effect the volume of urine.  

  • Must Be Constipation – Impacted bowels is not a causal factor for bedwetting.  We discovered a urologist who is suggesting a protocol of 90 days of enemas, which is not only missing the mark, it’s unnecessarily traumatizing.  Unfortunately we’ve heard from parents who have tried it because they didn’t know where else to turn, and because a doctor proposed the idea.

Our program is a one-of-a-kind, drug free, and fully-guided system that makes things simple for you.

  • You receive direct & private care without leaving your home

  • You have a customized plan & a personal counselor to facilitate and manage every step

  • You have a full-service program rather than unreliable and unpredictable alarms and videos

  • You have unlimited support and guidance with person-to-person service…start to finish

  • You have our exclusive life-long money-back guarantee

We have successfully treated over 50,000 patients in our 46 years of service!  Imagine a life free of bedwetting for good!


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In The News

“There is a serious problem with a bedwetter’s sleep. It’s actually a serious and unhealthy disorder, and it’s the sole reason the bedwetting happens. What’s needed is a new pattern of sleep. Changing the pattern means healthy sleep every night, and a dry bed every morning—for the first time in their lives. It’s priceless to see them so happy.” ~ Dr. Lyle Danuloff, psychologist