Fed up with broken promises from other bedwetting treatment options? We know you are.


It’s difficult for anybody to trust something, try it, and fail. The average age of our patients is between 10 and 18 years old, and thousands of parents tell us they have “tried everything”, yet their child is still wetting the bed.

Here is what sets us apart:

  • The number one reason our bedwetting solution works is the partnership between you and our expert treatment staff. You’re no longer doing anything alone, and you no longer have to guess if you’re doing everything right.
  • You have built-in trust with us because of our money-back guarantee.  No one else provides this.
  • We have treated 43,000 patients from around the world with a 97% success rate since 1975.



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Dad and daughter thrilled with our bedwetting solution. View it here.

Help for Adult Bedwetter

Founder, Barbara J. Moore (left) with daughter Gaile (right)

Founder, Barbara J. Moore (left) with daughter Gaile (right)

Founder, Barbara Moore, walked in your shoes.

Her daughter, Gaile, was an older child still wetting. Barbara tried multiple ways to help stop Gaile’s bed wetting–including prescribed drugs– but everything failed. The breakthrough came after discovering that the cause of chronic bedwetting is an inherited deep-sleep pattern. It’s a non-medical condition, which is why medical advice had been ineffective.

Barbara focused on the sleep pattern, and developed a treatment protocol for Gaile’s bedwetting problem. As a result, she and her staff of specialists have worked with children, teenagers, and adults around the world for over 40 years. The outcome is always the same: An end to bed wetting for life!

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Enuresis Treatment Center – #1 bedwetting treatment solution in the world and the only clinic with a 97% success rate.

  “Bed wetting, also know as nocturnal enuresis, is estimated to affect 26 million people around the world.”

bedwetting treatment for kids and teensDid you know: 

  • 1 in 30 Teenagers Wets the Bed.
  • Our Bedwetting Treatment for Teens Guarantees Permanent Results
  • 73% of our Patients Are Teenagers

Teens tell us they become more embarrassed about the bed wetting with each passing year, and that they are tired of being told they will “outgrow” it. We understand the sensitivity of this issue, and we provide step-by-step guidance to stop enuresis and the many challenges only a bedwetter can know.

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