17 Year-Old Bedwetter Now Worry-Free & College Bound

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A mom from California sent a lovely note (who writes hand-written notes anymore) regarding the relief her senior in high school is feeling now that he has completed our bedwetting treatment program.


Mom advises parents to stop listening to the same old promise of outgrowing bedwetting and only wishes she had found our bedwetting solution sooner.


Dear Karen and ETC staff;

I never thought my son would continue wetting into high school.  He was entering his senior year of high school when he refused to go to the doctor for a Well Visit.  He told me he did not see the point; he was fine, except for wetting the bed every night.  He was tired of being told not to worry that he would outgrow the bedwetting and he reminded mom that the year before he was told by his doctor that he would not be wetting his bed when he graduated from high school.


I finally realized I needed to locate an enuresis expert.  I was a bit worried about your clinic being in Michigan with us being in California, but read about your experience facilitating treatment from a distance.  It was a relief to find someone who would develop a treatment plan for a teenager.


Everything worked to a tee.  Thanks for giving us Karen MacKay, RN, she is the best.


Our family is looking forward to sending our son off to college knowing that the bedwetting is in his past and he can finally feel normal.


My advice to other parents is to stop listening to the promise that your child will “outgrow the bedwetting”.

Keep up the great work!

Andrew’s mom


Source:  www.nobedwetting.com

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  1. Hafsat Idris
    Hafsat Idris says:

    My name is Hafsat. I am 17 Years old. And i still wet the bed. Sometimes i feel ashamed of myself if i go to people’s house on holiday. Please can you help me? I need your help.

    • Leslie MIller
      Leslie MIller says:

      We know how difficult and confusing this can be for you. We work with teenagers all the time and successfully put an end to the bedwetting. Please have a parent contact our clinic at 800-379-2331 and we will be able to discuss a plan to put an end to your bedwetting forever.

  2. Thexunknowns
    Thexunknowns says:

    Hi I’m I’m a 17 years old female and just unexpectedly started wetting the bed again a couple of weeks ago. What could be the problem?

    • Leslie MIller
      Leslie MIller says:

      13% of our patients experience secondary enuresis, unexpectedly starting wetting the bed again. From our decades of experience, a stressor has caused you to begin sleeping very deep and the symptom of bedwetting returns. Please contact our clinic at 800.379.2331 to discuss a treatment to put an end to this for you.


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