Bedwetting In Teenagers – How to Get Relief

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Bedwetting in Teenagers – How Can This Happen?

A mom of a 16-year-old wanted to thank the treatment team for all their help.  Her son located our clinic and urged his mom to call to learn about our bedwetting solution.

Dear Mrs. Moore:

I have an 16 year old son that just successfully completed your bedwetting program. My teenage son had a bed wetting problem all his life and finally took matters into his own hands to stop bedwetting.   He found out about your bedwetting clinic and pressured us to call and start this program. I was very apprehensive believing my son would feel ill at ease, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Our treatment advisor, Michael, was very professional and my son had absolutely no problem following the bed wetting treatment plan developed for him.

After years of taking enuresis medication pills and using the bed wetting nasal sprays, which had side affects, and still wetting the bed, my son was at his wits end. He was on the internet and easily found your website.

My son kept pushing us until we agreed to make an appointment.  Thank God.  After 6 months of treatment my son no longer wets the bed.  Each month saw an improvement.  He has been dry for 5 months and is now looking forward to college. The cost of the program was well worth it and we do not regret making the decision.  How can a doctor look a sophomore in high school and tell he will not be wetting the bed when he graduates!

I decided to write this letter so parents with older children did not continue to think nothing can be done because a doctor tells them to wait.

I cannot thank you enough for the help for ending the deep-sleep bed wetting.   You are the specialist that really understood his sleep and how it caused the bedwetting.  

We worked hand in hand toward the same final goal.  My son is confident and pleased that things worked out so well – this is what he hoped for and he was not disappointed with the handling of your program.


Michelle T.

Columbus, Ohio