Treat the Bedwetting Problem Instead of Trying to Medicate Bed Wetting

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Parents are confused by the ongoing bedwetting problem their children experience.

Treatment Staff at Bedwetting Clinic

Parents are grateful to find a bedwetting specialist and often send snail mail  letters, email or create a video.  We are grateful for the the stories.


Here is a letter from parents who felt they had tried everything and wondered how to stop bedwetting – forever.

Dear Michael &  Enuresis Treatment Center Staff,


This letter is one I never thought I’d be writing! I am thrilled to say that our son, Dan is graduating from your bedwetting program. WOW!! We are so grateful to have found a place that actually treats the bedwetting problem instead of trying to medicate it.

Our story is one of frustration and perseverance. We dealt with bed wetting for about 13 years. We tried most “treatments” consisting of nose sprays, pills, bed wetting alarms-you name it. Most of the treatments had limited success that made us very hopeful for a while-only to have them fail after a few weeks. The failure left us sad an very frustrated.

Fortunately, our son was the kind of person who didn’t let bedwetting stand in the way of going to sleepover parties or summer camp. We would prepare him the best way that we knew how and then hope for the best. We do, however, feel that the bedwetting problem had some adverse effects. It seemed to prevent him from getting a good night’s sleep. He had difficulty focusing in school and was frequently reminded by teachers to “get to work”.  We asked our pediatrician about deep-sleep bed wetting and he agreed, just did not know how to treat the bedwetting problem.  We needed to get to the real cause – the deep-sleep bed wetting.

Then, last February, we saw a spot on Channel 7 news featuring a little boy who had overcome his nighttime wetting. I knew right then I needed to find out more about this bedwetting method. We had our first visit and began the program officially in March.  We did not know you worked with  families all over the world.  We were so lucky to live a few miles away from your center.  Nine months later, Dan is about to graduate from the program!

He now goes to sleepover parties without the worry of wetting. No so called bedwetting nasal sprays, no DDAVP, no rubber sheet.  Thank god we stopped listening to they “outgrow it” message.  More importantly, he wakes up and is alert.  He is attending to school work which has greatly improved. His school work is completed on time and he freely participates in the classroom. He is more rested and alert. That was the secret to the bedwetting problem…the deep sleep.

From a mother’s perspective, I am thrilled to see my son’s confidence and self esteem grow. He no longer feels like something is “wrong” with him, or that he is “different” from his friends. The treatment plan was so individualized, the support and advice we received from you, Michael, was invaluable. Hearing you rave about Dan’s progress and challenge us to that next level was very inspiring. I appreciated your encouraging comments when Dan was going on a two-week mission trip with the church youth group. We were all very concerned about the length of time he would be away. You put us at ease and gave Dan the confidence he needed to accomplish this goal.

Finally, a huge thank you to the staff at Enuresis Treatment Center for the professional and positive way you address the issue of enuresis. From our first visit, we knew that we were on a journey that would lead us to and end to bedwetting in teenagers.. to dry nights. Your encouragement helped us stay the course. We are so happy to have arrived at our destination! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Karen and Brian Z.

Farmington Hills, Michigan



Bedwetting In Teenagers – How to Get Relief

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Bedwetting in Teenagers – How Can This Happen?

A mom of a 16-year-old wanted to thank the treatment team for all their help.  Her son located our clinic and urged his mom to call to learn about our bedwetting solution.

Dear Mrs. Moore:

I have an 16 year old son that just successfully completed your bedwetting program. My teenage son had a bed wetting problem all his life and finally took matters into his own hands to stop bedwetting.   He found out about your bedwetting clinic and pressured us to call and start this program. I was very apprehensive believing my son would feel ill at ease, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Our treatment advisor, Michael, was very professional and my son had absolutely no problem following the bed wetting treatment plan developed for him.

After years of taking enuresis medication pills and using the bed wetting nasal sprays, which had side affects, and still wetting the bed, my son was at his wits end. He was on the internet and easily found your website.

My son kept pushing us until we agreed to make an appointment.  Thank God.  After 6 months of treatment my son no longer wets the bed.  Each month saw an improvement.  He has been dry for 5 months and is now looking forward to college. The cost of the program was well worth it and we do not regret making the decision.  How can a doctor look a sophomore in high school and tell he will not be wetting the bed when he graduates!

I decided to write this letter so parents with older children did not continue to think nothing can be done because a doctor tells them to wait.

I cannot thank you enough for the help for ending the deep-sleep bed wetting.   You are the specialist that really understood his sleep and how it caused the bedwetting.  

We worked hand in hand toward the same final goal.  My son is confident and pleased that things worked out so well – this is what he hoped for and he was not disappointed with the handling of your program.


Michelle T.

Columbus, Ohio


My Daughters Life Is Easier Since Completing the Bedwetting Treatment


How to Stop Bedwetting Rather Than Just Dealing With Bedwetting

“For a year now I have tried so many ways of handling / dealing with my daughters bedwetting problems.  From just ignoring it hoping it would go away to using medications that only worked while you were on them. I kept asking and searching .. how to stop bedwetting.  My pediatrician offered suggestions, no real solution.   Finally discovering an expert who worked with us from beginning to a REAL end to her bedwetting and it has made my daughters life easier.

The Enuresis Treatment Center program is great.  They do not use medications,  which was a great concern to me.  It is a lot of hard work done with a team effort, with tremendous support and a great deal of knowledge about what really causes bedwetting.  There was a mix of a lot of love, understanding and encouragement from everyone.

Each session with Mary Anne Rice was enlightening and instructional.  We knew step-by-step what to work on.   – the results are well. RESULTS.  I no longer ask how to stop bedwetting, I tell everyone.  The treatment staff at the clinic are very knowledgable, understanding, concerned, helpful people.  Jacki and I extend a BIG THANKS for all your help.

Diane M.

Worthington, Ohio


Thanks Diane and Jacki!  We appreciate the kind words.  Our specialists have treated bed wetting for children, teens, and adults around the world, regardless of where you live, we have a solution.

7 year old wetting the bed – Deep Sleep, Weak Muscle Control, Small Bladder Size

My son was 7 years old, about to turn 8, and wetting the bed most nights, sometimes more than once. Doctors had told us that he would “grow out of it” but he had actually gotten worse, not better, as the years went by.  His father had a similar issue and did grow out of it.  We tried waking him in the middle of the night, rewards if he could put together a string of dry nights, pull-ups, but nothing worked.

I had finally hit my limit of pull-ups and washing sheets.  I started doing research on the Internet and found the Enuresis Treatment Center.  I was intrigued that they worked with sleep cycles and muscle control. After reading further, I realized that my son exhibited many of the symptoms cited as reasons for bedwetting – deep sleep cycles with little or no dreams, weak muscle control, and small bladder size.  At night, my son slept heavily and never remembered his dreams.  He would urinate several times and was unable to “hold it” for any length of time.  The Enuresis Treatment Center seemed to be the right fit for us.

We saw improvements almost immediately.  My son responded at night and was able to stop himself from large wetting incidents within the first two-week cycle.  He gradually began waking up at night when he felt the urge to urinate.  He no longer has night terrors and does dream normally. He is able to hold his urine for a much longer time and I don’t have to worry about making him go to the bathroom before leaving the house.

It has taken us about nine months to complete the program.  My husband and I feel it has been well worth the money and effort to now have a son who is in control of his body and isn’t afraid to go on a sleepover. Thank you!!

Lisa W.
Forest Park, IL

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9 Year old bedwetter turns to the Enuresis Treatment Center for help

November 10, 2009

Enuresis Treatment Center
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Dear ETC,

About 2 years ago, after trying everything we knew to do (as well as prescription medications) our 9 year old girl crawled up in my lap and said, “Mommy, isn’t there anything that can help me?” With many tears and a prayer for God’s direction, I found the Enuresis Treatment Center online and made the call. I was amazed at the information and understanding of the counselors.

We went through the treatment, which was extremely positive and well-organized, and very easy to follow. In a few short weeks, we began to see amazing progress. In just a few short months, we were completely dry. Being dry was wonderful, be even more wonderful was seeing our angel blossom with self-confidence and attentiveness!

About a year after beginning treatment, our daughter came down with strep throat, which triggered a short relapse for her. The Enuresis Treatment Center was there once again to help us get back on the right track with that same patience and care.

Here we are another year later with a healthy, happy, dry 11-year old, who now has the confidence to be the beautiful young lady God made her to be. We highly recommend the Enuresis Treatment Center! We only wish we’d have found them sooner.

With Thankful Hearts,

A Happy Family from Georgia

Call the Enuresis Treatment Center now and get the help you deserve!
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International (incl. Canada):

Our specialists have treated bed wetting children, teens, parents and adults around the world, regardless of distance.

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