Bedwetting and Sleep Away Camp:  A Five-Step Plan to Ensure a Comfortable Camper

Sleep away camp offers so many opportunities for children and teens, yet it can instill fear in the hearts of a child or teenager who wets the bed.


Many summer camps report that they know how to deal with bed wetting.  However, 87% of parents we surveyed reported that the camps did not have a system in place to confidentially assist the camper.

When bedwetting continues, whether it happens every night or once a week, the child is concerned about other campers discovering their secret.  Even if they don’t express it to a parent, overnight camp can be anxiety-filled for them.  Even children who are eager to leave home for sleep away camp are likely to worry constantly or even attempt to remain awake all night so as not to be discovered.

Take the following steps in order to reduce the threat of ridicule or discovery for your child or adolescent.

1.  Ask to take a few minutes to review “your” child’s situation with the head of the summer camp.  Be sure all camp counselors assigned to your child’s housing understands the situation and the sensitivity surrounding the bedwetting.

Chronic bed wetting is not intentional nor is it caused by a psychological problem. However, discovery can be devastating for the bed wetter.  That discovery can certainly cause long-term damage.

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2.  Discuss their procedures for dealing with youth or teen disposable nighttime diapers.  Develop a plan for the discreet disposal of the wet sheets and remaking of the bed.  In the event of a daytime accident, ask if the camp has a “signal” that your child can use to alert the staff.  Also, be sure the camp staff has a plan in place for a change of clothes.

3.  Provide wet wipes to help with odor and clean up if a shower is not possible. Again, discretion is crucial.

4.  NEVER assume that a so-called bedwetting medication will keep your child dry.  Most often they will fail to do so.  Prescribed medications may also require a severe reduction in hydration. Fluid intake is crucial during the warm weather.

5. Be sure you inform your child that you have discussed all of the above procedures.  Your camper needs to know that the camp team will understand the situation, and will be there to help if necessary.

barbaraBarbara J. Moore is a leading authority in the field of bedwetting treatment.  She has helped thousands of children and teenagers stop bedwetting since 1975.

A Bedwetting Teenager Asks “What’s Wrong With Me?”

When bedwetting issues extend beyond the bedroom

Parents are taught that bedwetting is common, often being told by physicians, “Don’t worry, it will go away once the hormones kick in”.  It seems fairly logical.  People then wait for their child to hit puberty, and when the bedwetting persists, they begin to feel really concerned and sometimes desperate.  An alarming statistic is that 63% of our patients are teenagers. 

Chronic bedwetting is complex, and everyone has his or her own set of symptoms, “ says Michael Stallsmith, M.A., SP., and Director of Treatment.  “The older one gets, the less they talk about it.  But we know from experience that the older they get, the more it bothers them.  It’s an extremely sensitive issue.  Usually teens find it embarrassing.   And when you enter adulthood wetting the bed, you tend to feel resigned that there will ever be an end to wet sheets”.

When Bradley entered our bed wetting treatment program, he was 17. His mom said she followed all the doctors’ suggestions.  There wasn’t a directed plan…there were only suggestions.  The most common suggestion she received was to wait.  She was outraged that doctors would expect her child to have to live with the stress of bedwetting and the limitations on his social life until he was a teenager.  And even then, they couldn’t offer a guarantee he would be cured.  At 17, high school graduation was around the corner.  College was was not too far off in the future.  Bradley’s mom decided it was time to stop listening to doctors and to the suggestions posted on the internet and to seek real help.

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We have heard from thousands of parents who do not realize how much the bedwetting impacted their child until completing our program.  Yet they could definitely see and enjoy the positive changes their child was able to experience once they were free of such a stressful and humiliating condition like bedwetting. 

Here is a letter that was sent to us by Bradley after he completed treatment with us.  He wrote it to give others hope and confidence that there really, truly, is nothing wrong with a bedwetter in any capacity.  Changing a sleep pattern is KEY, and it is through direct communication with and guidance from us that we accomplish this.  Then each and every bedwetter is free from bedwetting for his or her lifetime!

Hello, my name is Bradley and I have gone through the bedwetting treatment for teenagers program provided by Enuresis Treatment Center.  I started with a slight hope, a very small hope.  My parents and I had already tried everything. Or so we thought; From chiropractors to medicines, homemade remedies and bedwetting alarms.

I remember being 9 and wetting my bed up to three times in one night, which the doctor said was normal.  Normal?  Not to me.   It was confusing and I kept wondering what was wrong with me.  I privately wondered for years what was wrong with me.  When I began your treatment program, I was so happy to learn there was nothing wrong with me.  Inheriting the really deep, hard sleep that caused my bladder to empty without me feeling or knowing made perfect sense.  On my mom’s side, some relatives had wet the bed, so this seemed normal to them.  How could any of this be my fault when all I was doing was sleeping badly?  Everybody said that i was just a hard sleeper. 

At 17, I was still wetting the bed 6 times a week and still sometimes a few wets a night.  I was desperate and yet deep down I was hopeless, and this was just another “thing” I was going to try.  I didn’t put my complete effort into the program; I am sure many teens that wet the bed stop believing in ways to help bed wetting teens after so many attempts that ended in failure. 

But the thing is, I began to see progress! Not only did Claudia (I called her my coach) encourage me, she paid close attention to what was needed for me.  I felt like someone was listening and developing a good plan.  I continued seeing results and gaining confidence, which made me put more effort into the program and gave me more results, then finally totally dry.  Dry nights over and over again.  It was the best feeling!

I want to thank my mom, for being patient and encouraging, helping me to not lose hope; Claudia, my coach also for being so insightful and patient.  She really knows how to make sure you can stop wetting.  It might sound weird, but I truly feel healed.  Thank you for everything.  I am very excited now to be free and able to begin living my life. 

We would like to thank Bradley and his mother for permission to share this letter, and we look forward to many more from other patients.  We have volumes of letters that people have sent to us through our 40 years treating bedwetting, and now, thanks to the internet, we can take them from paper and post them online to let others know that there is help!

We invite you to call us today!  

GaileGaile Nixon,
International Director and First Patient of ETC

Bed Wetting in Teenagers – Effecting Important Life Choices

When bedwetting issues extend beyond the bedroom

We had a clinical assessment with a 17 year old and his parents.  They were feeling rather desperate to end the bedwetting considering the teen was soon to enter boot camp for military training.  This would be a two-year training process.

His mom recounted when she, herself, had entered boot camp at age 18 knowing that when she experienced high levels of stress, she may wet the bed. One night, someone discovered she had a bedwetting episode, reported it, and was called into her superior’s office.  He inquired if she came into the training with the knowledge that she wets the bed.  She lied and said no.  So he chalked it up to her being nervous about undergoing her training program, and she was therefore permitted to stay.  Because the bedwetting persisted, she chose to confess, and she was promptly discharged.   She was devastated.

Bedwetting is actually the number one reason for discharge from the military, and just like for this mom, the bed wetting altered her chosen life path.  

And now she is intending to keep her son home and have him start boot camp the following year so that she’s certain her son can wake up in a dry bed and feel confident about entering the military.  

This young man’s dream of entering boot camp will have to wait another year.  He can live with the disappointment, but he said he just can’t live with being 17 and still wetting the bed.

Don’t wait to call on us.  We are offering a solution for bedwetting and can help to keep dreams alive!

GaileGaile Nixon,
International Director and First Patient of ETC