28 Year Old Comments “I Had Nothing To Do With The Bed-wetting

The Enuresis Treatment Center success stories. We post success stories from children, teenagers and adults who no longer suffer from ongoing bedwetting because of our treatment care. Below is a letter from a 28 year old who was finally able to find the right help.
I found the Enuresis Treatment Center out of frustration.
I am 28 and I wet the bed, the first time until 16. Everybody said I finally got ‘control of myself” and made it happen. Believe me, we tried everything to stop the bed wetting! I had NOTHING to do with it and had no idea how it stopped.

Then I went off to college and it started again. I was embarrassed, confused, and became depressed. My parents suggested I go see a therapist and an urologist. 25 visits to the therapist and poking, prodding, tests and drugs with the urologist and still no dry bed. Both the psychologist and the urologist seemed to hint that I was doing this on purpose. I was so confused…why would anyone think that and make me think that?

So I suffered and tried my best to hide this from roommates and even my family.
One morning after waking in a cold, wet bed I went online and typed in” treatment for bedwetting.” When I went to the www.nobedwetting.com , it felt like a miracle. I called immediately and the sensitivity and understanding was evident from the beginning.

I called my parents, confessed to the bedwetting and told them to look up this website and call the clinic to ask more questions. I lived in Chicago, but my parents lived in Michigan and I wanted to send them in and check it out! Believe it or not, my mom drove over to the clinic, picked up a brochure and met the staff.
Yes, it took some time, 9 months, but who cares. The individual attention was amazing. My deep sleep was the problem and we worked together. I had my own treatment specialist who I felt was “on call” for me. I called her my personal coach and we met every two weeks by phone. I kept track of all the non-working parts and achieved dry…dry…dry…

I am going in to visit my parents for Christmas and I have been saving a big hug for Michelle (The best treatment coach in the world!)

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