7 Bedwetting Tips for Parents


 Bedwetting Tips

bedwetting tips

1. Don’t Wait to Outgrow Bedwetting


The worst advice parents receive is to “just wait” to outgrow bedwetting.  Depending on family history, bedwetting can and does continue into late teens and adulthood.  If the symptom of bedwetting stops, the sleep disorder causing it can remain for their lifetime and can reappear in other forms, such as sleep apnea, which is rather dangerous and untreatable condition.


2. Explain to your child that bedwetting is only a symptom of their deep sleep and not their fault.


Bedwetting is caused by an inherited deep sleep disorder.  It is a symptom that appears as a result of the sleep disorder.  Other symptoms can include sleepwalking, night terrors, excessive snoring, sleep apnea, etc. Deep sleep is not be confused with “healthy” sleep, and neither the disorder or the bedwetting is their fault. Deep-sleep bed wetting can be treated.

3. Try to Help Your Child Get the Required Amount of Sleep

Sleep is when the brain flushes out, which is especially critical for children and teens. Lack of quality sleep can manifest itself in many obscure and subtle ways.  In addition to physical symptoms, the sleep pattern of bed wetter can create deprivation, which can cause behavioral difficulties during the day.  Children who bed wet do not get healthy, restorative sleep, and sleep is everything to how we function!


4. Don’t Encourage Your Child to Restrict Liquids

Fluid intake is vital for a healthy body and does not cause bedwetting.  Consumption of fluids does not cause bedwetting. It will only effect the volume of urine produced.

5. Avoid Giving “Bed Wetters” Medication

Since bedwetting is not caused by a medical problem, medications are not a solution; only a “band aid”.  If the drug appears to work at all, as soon as you discontinue its use, the bedwetting resumes.

This is a commonly suggested approach by physicians, yet drugs will not and cannot change the sleep pattern. They also have serious side effects.  Always consult with your Pharmacist to discuss side effects of bed wetting medication.

  6. Use of an Alarm for Treatment of Bedwetting is not the Answer.

Expecting an alarm to awaken a bed wetter is like expecting a smoke alarm to put out a fire.  An alarm on its own–without a professional team to design an individualized enuresis treatment program– will only end in frustration and failure.

7. Consider a bedwetting treatment clinic

Enuresis Treatment Center provides a permanent cure for bedwetting and covered by a money-back guarantee.  Bed wetters do not have to suffer in silence.  Instead of a bed wetting tip, we offer a drug-free, effective, and dependable bed wetting solution is available at our bedwetting clinic.   With over 40 years of experience treating this condition, with a 97% success rate, bedwetting can be solved permanently.