7 year old wetting the bed – Deep Sleep, Weak Muscle Control, Small Bladder Size

My son was 7 years old, about to turn 8, and wetting the bed most nights, sometimes more than once. Doctors had told us that he would “grow out of it” but he had actually gotten worse, not better, as the years went by.  His father had a similar issue and did grow out of it.  We tried waking him in the middle of the night, rewards if he could put together a string of dry nights, pull-ups, but nothing worked.

I had finally hit my limit of pull-ups and washing sheets.  I started doing research on the Internet and found the Enuresis Treatment Center.  I was intrigued that they worked with sleep cycles and muscle control. After reading further, I realized that my son exhibited many of the symptoms cited as reasons for bedwetting – deep sleep cycles with little or no dreams, weak muscle control, and small bladder size.  At night, my son slept heavily and never remembered his dreams.  He would urinate several times and was unable to “hold it” for any length of time.  The Enuresis Treatment Center seemed to be the right fit for us.

We saw improvements almost immediately.  My son responded at night and was able to stop himself from large wetting incidents within the first two-week cycle.  He gradually began waking up at night when he felt the urge to urinate.  He no longer has night terrors and does dream normally. He is able to hold his urine for a much longer time and I don’t have to worry about making him go to the bathroom before leaving the house.

It has taken us about nine months to complete the program.  My husband and I feel it has been well worth the money and effort to now have a son who is in control of his body and isn’t afraid to go on a sleepover. Thank you!!

Lisa W.
Forest Park, IL

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