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Successfully treating the deep sleep that causes bedwetting

A Better Approach To Treating Bedwetting

The Enuresis Treatment Center has helped our family solve my 9 year old son’s bedwetting problem.  Most families’ first step is to talk with their pediatrician.  We were no different.  But we quickly learned that there is little they are able to do to help.  Pediatricians usually tell you that your child will “grow out of it”.  We know, we sought help from several in the same practice.

This Bedwetting Clinic has a much different approach and has done the research to strategically attack the issue from the true cause.  Our treatment advisor, Claudia, was patient, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable.  Their bedwetting treatmentprogram does take work, and time…just like anything that is worthwhile.

The end result is dry nights and a happier child because his sleep is so different and we can see how much better he handles school and his siblings.  Claudia made the treatment steps needed for our child easy to work into our daily routine.  It really does work!

Thank you very much Claudia,

Marilyn T.

Nassau County, New York

April 4, 2013

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