Deep Sleep & Our Bedwetting Solution

It All Starts with Sleep…

Our methodology is designed to treat the source of the deep-sleep bed wetting. This is the most important factor. We have to attend to the root cause. Trying to cure a condition by attempting to treat the symptoms never makes a lasting difference. It’s akin to attending to the smoke without first putting out the fire.

At Bedwetting Treatment Center, we concentrate on sleep because a sleep disorder is the root cause of bedwetting. Parents ask how to stop bedwetting.  We know it is critical to eliminate the sleep disorder, establish a healthy and productive pattern of sleep, build proper communication between the bladder and the brain to put an permanent end to bedwetting.   That’s a lasting difference we have been making since 1975.

Good Sleep is Essential

If there is chronic bedwetting; older children bed wetting, teenagers continuing to have problems with bedwetting, we know there is an absence of good sleep. In fact, other symptoms of the sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, sleepwalking, insomnia, grinding teeth, excessive snoring, and night terrors are perhaps more obvious indicators of a deep sleep problem. In other words, each symptom is from the same gene family, and each symptom compromises the quality of one’s sleep.

In addition to bedwetting symptoms, you may notice challenges with yourself–an adult bedwetter–or with your child. Signs can include poor concentration; a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD; behavioral challenges and mood swings; feeling tired in the morning or throughout the day, and relying on excessive adrenaline to get through the day, etc. Not to mention that one’s self-confidence can be negatively impacted which is seldom verbalized. A teen who wets the bed suffers in silence.  There is more silent suffering than anything else because bedwetting is a tender and rather taboo topic.  Older children still bed wetting do not want to discuss bedwetting, they want bed wetting treatment.

We are here to provide expertise in developing a new sleep pattern for yourself or your child which truly alters the quality of one’s life. What lies ahead is access to really good, healthy sleep every night, and a dry bed every morning!

What you can count on that no one else can offer:

  • An individualized treatment program
  • Proven methods to build the “bladder to brain” connection
  • Continuous personalized support
  • A new sleep pattern
  • A drug free solution
  • References
  • A Money-back guarantee

Important Treatment Facts: 

Our approach does not include drugs, surgery, or invasive procedures because the American Academy of Pediatrics says that less than 1% of all bedwetting (enuresis) is caused by a medical problem. There has never been a medical, psychological, or pharmacological solution to this problem. And we know you’re looking for a permanent result.

  • Length of treatment varies, depending on symptoms and the age of the bedwetter. Bedwetting treatment for teenagers is different than treatment for an 8 year old.  The average age in our program is 13.

Pre-Treatment Recommendations:

  • We encourage you NOT to restrict fluids! Hydration is essential for proper functioning of the body, and consuming fluids before bed is not a causal factor of bedwetting. Fluid consumption only effects the amount of urine produced.
  • It is entirely non-productive to awaken your child randomly in the night to take him/her to the bathroom. It ultimately only serves to frustrate the entire household.
  • If possible, we encourage you to eliminate diapers or pull-ups. These can provide false hope and further challenge an older child still bedwetting self-confidence.
  • Drugs are harmful to the body and may only serve as a “temporary fix” for the chronic bedwetting. You may wish to discontinue its use at this time. The enuresis medication currently prescribed for this condition are also known to produce serious and unwanted side effects.

Click here for The result of the study “Sleep Disorders of Arousal,” by Roger J. Broughton, shows the differences in normal sleep patterns and those of a bedwetter.

Anne Linne Wrote:

“We decided we had to give your program a try.”

“As I began to read the information from the Enuresis Treatment Center, I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time; hope. I read the biographies of some of the kids and got some sense of the program. The next day after talking to my husband, we decided we had to give your program a try. After talking with Barbara for the initial consultation, your approach made sense. I had always felt that the deep sleep was a bigger part of this than anyone had admitted.”

Julie Stone from California Wrote:

“Thank goodness!”

Our pediatrician was sympathetic to the bedwetting problem, but only offered suggestions that included drugs, withholding liquids before bedtime, or just wait. His lack of true solution based treatment gave me the motivation to look elsewhere for an expert. Thank goodness!

A Troy, Michigan Family Wrote:

“If you’re considering this program for yourself or you child, know that it will work.”

“If you’re considering this program for yourself or you child, know that it will work. It’s going to take time and a lot of effort. In the end, we can say we’re looking forward to seeing our son grow up without the emotional scars of being a bed-wetter.”