Address The Bedwetting Problem Now

Dear Barbara, Gaile & Staff,

Our situation was like something we had never experienced before, or could we understand it. After our son was potty trained, he would still get up at night and go to the bathroom. Then about 21/2 years ago our 9 year old son began getting up and coming to us complaining he was wet and so was his bed.

We didn’t think much of it at first, but the problem continued. So, we went to the doctor and checked for childhood diabetes etc., but all the test came back negative. The doctor offered us a prescription to TEMPORARILY stop him wetting at night with no guarantees or promises of a permanent solution, and so…the problem continued. We decided to use Goodnites as a temporary solution, but our son only felt worse about himself and his problem.

One LUCKY day, on channel 7, we saw a story describing our problem and a website to go to, so we set to work and called your office. What a world of difference it made for all of us. We cannot stress enough to others to address the problem for what it is, Enuresis.

Someone with enuresis feels shame and guilt, regardless of their age, and does not know why. Your staff at the Enuresis Treatment Clinic is fully trained and knowledgeable in all levels of this very misunderstood problem.

We worked as a team with one common goal, and we used no drugs, no feeling of shame, blame, or guilt. You gave us the system, support and strength to overcome this…..and we have.

Eternally grateful,
The Lift Family

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