Adult Bedwetter Calls for Help!

A 27 year old named Stan from Texas called our clinic this morning. He has always wet the bed since. He told me he has looked at our website many times over the past two years trying to decide if he could trust what he read, and if we could really end his bedwetting problem.

He said this morning his wife decided for him. She picked up his cell phone, dialed our number, and then handed him the phone. He relayed to me what we typically hear from adults: “My parents tried everything”. He said he finally gave up and buried his embarrassment and pain; accepting his fate.

He told me that by some miracle he found a woman who loved him no matter what, and wanted to help him overcome the bedwetting episodes. She was more concerned for his sleep issue, because she has never known him to get good sleep, and that apnea seemed to be developing as of late.

Then Stan asked a very straightforward question: “What is the right age to begin to challenge the doctors who promised me that I would outgrow bedwetting?”

18% of our patients are 18 – 54
56% of our patients are age 12 – 17

Our bedwetting clinic has a successful program for adults. We don’t have the most accurate statistics on how many adults are out there who wet the bed simply because they don’t report it to their doctor. Some adults don’t even disclose their bedwetting to their own parents, leaving them to assume that it was outgrown. And unlike Stan, there are many adults who lead solitary lives and avoid intimacy because they don’t wish to openly share about their bedwetting with a potential partner.

To have to live with bedwetting one’s whole life is a great burden. There is, indeed, a nocturnal enuresis remedy, and it can liberate an adult from years of shame, isolation, poor quality sleep, and the discomfort and suffering associated with a wet bed.


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