Adult Bedwetting – Why Continue to Suffer?

An article was written in the website called MailOnline regarding Adult Bedwetting.

We reviewed the article “The Adults Who Never Grow Out of Bedwetting” and appreciated the serious attempt to throw light on a condition suffered by millions of children and adults throughout the world as personified in the poignant portrait of Mr. Larry Philips. However, the article also contained misunderstandings about the disorder that have been promulgated by generations of physicians and psychologists.

According to Dr. Lyle Danuloff, Ph.D. and staff consultant for The Enuresis Treatment Center:

“Bedwetting is not the result of an immature pituitary, a spastic bladder, or psychological distress. Bedwetters suffer from a deep sleep disorder that creates the brain’s failure to arouse itself sufficiently to keep the bladder sphincter muscle closed when the bladder is full and signals the brain to empty.

We have successfully treated thousands of enuretics of all ages all over the world including the UK. Our time tested methods approach treatment through, first investigating all symptoms produced by the deep sleep disorder. Our treatment protocol, based upon substantial clinical research and experience, addresses the underlying deep sleep disorder with a non-invasive biofeedback method.”

Families from around the world, as well as locally in Michigan, work with the same bedwetting specialist throughout the course of treatment. They are instructed how to record information that is analyzed during schedule appointments and taught how to administer necessary protocol. Appointments are conducted either in the clinic or via telephone or Skype. Our highly trained treatment advisors come from the nursing and educational professions.

Our methods are safe and effective, so much so that we offer a money-back guarantee to our patients

At The Enuresis Treatment Center, USA, we have been successfully treating bedwetting in children, teenagers and adults for over three decades. After years of treating the disorder we unequivocally know that bedwetting is singularly and only the result of a deep sleep disorder only incidentally mentioned in your article.

Consultations can be arranged in the clinic or via a Skype. Please visit our website at

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