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Dear Dr. Danuloff:
My son has had bed wetting issues his entire life.  We’ve tried alarms, medication, chiropractors, bladder ultrasounds, and in the past year, he has been treated for constipation as suggested by a urologist.  By this point, we as a family are feeling helpless and hopeless. He is extremely self-conscious and embarrassed. He wants to go to college in two years, but he’s afraid.  Please give us some hope.
Vanessa Tiller
Agoura Hills, CA

Dear Vanessa:
Thank you for writing to us.  We understand your frustration and your son’s fears.  They are valid! You must know that it’s not unusual for us to hear from families of teens.  In fact, it’s quite common. The average age in our program is 13. They have had wetting issues their entire lives just as your son has.  That’s really hard on them, as it clearly has been for your son as well. The good news is that nobody has to live with bedwetting. Nobody!  It’s just a matter of coming at it from the right angle, and in this case, the effective angle to stop bedwetting is to change the deep sleep pattern causing the bedwetting in the first place.  And make no mistake about it…we are dealing with a serious sleep disorder.
Unfortunately, the internet is chock full of misinformation about this issue.  It’s been said that bedwetting is caused by poor parenting, too much to drink before bed, a child being lazy or rebellious, constipation…and the list goes on.  Since you mentioned constipation, we state emphatically that constipation is NOT the cause of bedwetting. It CAN be a symptom of the bedwetting itself…meaning it can be a fallout of the bedwetting, and we address that as part of our program.  However, constipation is not the root cause.
In fact, here’s a scenario for you which further substantiates our claim.  There’s a urologist who has recently been broadcasting the theory that constipation causes bedwetting.  He has been instructing families to undertake a protocol that involves 90 days of enemas! That means every night for three months, your child has to experience an enema with the promise that it will end bedwetting.  And you know what? We regularly hear from families who have undertaken that protocol and had unsuccessful results. That’s no surprise to us! The surprising part for us is that families have implemented this doctor’s protocol EVEN when their child was not exhibiting signs of constipation!  We understand why, though. Parents are desperate to help their child. Even more desperate when college is in the near future.
If you allow us to create a program tailored to your son’s needs–and also to guide you through it every step of the way–we will get you there.  We will make sure your son is able to awaken in a dry bed every morning for the rest of his life. We urge you to start sooner than later since it takes longer to complete the program the older one gets.  We’d like an ample amount of time to be able to help your son and send him off to college without the worry and stress of bedwetting. The worst thing we’ve ever had to do is tell families we’re unable to help them because they call us with only a few months before their child is leaving for college.  There’s simply not enough time for us to do our job. There ought to be a sense of urgency to free a child from bedwetting at any age.