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Six-Year-Old Deeply Sad About Bedwetting

During a Clinical Assessment with Barbara Moore, Founder of Enuresis Treatment Center, the parents of 6 year old Sara were stunned when she revealed how sad she was about wetting the bed.  Sara began to talk about feeling different from her “sunny” friends.  She shared her fears that they would find out that she was […]

California Mom Seeks Bed Wetting Solutions

Bed Wetting Solutions   Terri, a mom from Los Angeles, CA, called our clinic seeking a bed wetting solution that would finally put an end to her 10 year-old daughter Jessica’s bedwetting.  When she learned our clinic was 15 minutes from where she grew up, she was thrilled.   During a Clinical Assessment with the […]


7 Bedwetting Tips for Parents

 Bedwetting Tips 1. Don’t Wait to Outgrow Bedwetting   The worst advice parents receive is to “just wait” to outgrow bedwetting.  Depending on family history, bedwetting can and does continue into late teens and adulthood.  If the symptom of bedwetting stops, the sleep disorder causing it can remain for their lifetime and can reappear in […]


Overnight Camp: A Bed Wetting Nightmare For Children With Enuresis

Older Children Bed Wetting – Fear of Discovery  Fear of discovery for older children bed wetting is one of the most anxiety-filled issues that a bedwetter has.  Discovery of the problem often leads to dreaded experiences like being teased, shamed, humiliated, and ostracized.   That worry is at its most intense for someone who wets […]

Bed Wetting Clinic Cares About My Child’s Problem

Bed Wetting Clinic Has the Best Care! As the parent of a child who just successfully completed your bed wetting treatment  program, I want to express my gratitude to your organization and the people who helped my son.  He has been dry for months after years of wetting the bed at least 50% of the […]