Bed Wetting in Teenagers – Effecting Important Life Choices

When bedwetting issues extend beyond the bedroom

We had a clinical assessment with a 17 year old and his parents.  They were feeling rather desperate to end the bedwetting considering the teen was soon to enter boot camp for military training.  This would be a two-year training process.

His mom recounted when she, herself, had entered boot camp at age 18 knowing that when she experienced high levels of stress, she may wet the bed. One night, someone discovered she had a bedwetting episode, reported it, and was called into her superior’s office.  He inquired if she came into the training with the knowledge that she wets the bed.  She lied and said no.  So he chalked it up to her being nervous about undergoing her training program, and she was therefore permitted to stay.  Because the bedwetting persisted, she chose to confess, and she was promptly discharged.   She was devastated.

Bedwetting is actually the number one reason for discharge from the military, and just like for this mom, the bed wetting altered her chosen life path.  

And now she is intending to keep her son home and have him start boot camp the following year so that she’s certain her son can wake up in a dry bed and feel confident about entering the military.  

This young man’s dream of entering boot camp will have to wait another year.  He can live with the disappointment, but he said he just can’t live with being 17 and still wetting the bed.

Don’t wait to call on us.  We are offering a solution for bedwetting and can help to keep dreams alive!

GaileGaile Nixon,
International Director and First Patient of ETC