Bed-Wetting Treatment Programme So Effective

“Our son had been wetting his bed 2-3 times every week for 15 years, when we made contact with The Enuresis Treatment Center, ETC. We had then tried a variety of interventions; alarm mats, drinking restrictions, medication, chiropractics. Medication (desmopressin) obviously did help, but not as a cure, only as a symptom relief.

When we established contact with ETC, we felt that our bedwetting treatment advisor was able to understand our situation very well. The treatment programme was individually adapted to our situation – and it worked!

The treatment focused on changing our son’s deep sleep pattern. The medical community was not even exploring this as a problem.

Every 14 days we discussed the progress of the last period with our treatment advisor. We talked over the telephone or with Skype. We live in Europe, but the time difference was no problem, as we had our talks in the early evening. The treatment ran smoothly.

It is now 9 months since we made contact with ETC. We are happy to say that our son has had dry nights for 3 months now. This bed-wetting treatment programme is so efficient and successful.

Thank you ETC!”

Parents from Europe

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