Bedwetting 11 Year Old “Enuresis Treatment Center Really Works”


Older Child Bedwetting Ends

A family from Portugal reached out for bedwetting treatment.   Everyone was pleased with the enuresis program – how to stop bedwetting.  Samantha and her mom sent us a letter.

Samantha wrote:

“I used to think that there was something very wrong with me, but now I understand that bed wetting affects people of all ages. I used to be afraid for my friends to spend the night and have them find out that I occasionally wet my bed. I am now more confident because I completed all the steps of the program and succeeded. I went from completely soaking the bed, to large spots, to actually waking before I wet everything, even my underwear. Before I did this program, I went to a hypnotist and even used alarms. The Enuresis Treatment Center program really works!!”

Mom wrote

“We’ve noticed a great improvement since completing the enuresis clinic’s program.  Samantha’s confidence in regards to both her academic life and with her peers has greatly increased.   Slumber parties are no longer events she avoids. A fitting celebration is in the works for a job well done… we’ve GRADUATED!!!! Finally and end to this.  I was so fearful she would be bed wetting in her teenager years.”

Portugal Family



Samantha (11 yrs old) Portugal



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