Bedwetting At 25. Tired of All The Tests With No Solution Until Now.

We received an email today from a 24 year old living in England, who had viewed our You Tube interview of a 25 year old with the same problems as the writer.  ” I need to put an end to this as going to my GP here in England has been absolutely useless. He continues to run test after test with so solution.  What’s the point?   It’s affecting all areas of my life and instead of living with it, I want to resolve it at the root of the problem.  Deep sleep seems to be the main symptom that rings true.  I will not wake up for anything once I’m asleep.”


His doctors reassured him he would outgrow the bedwetting. The doctor ran tests for 10 years but offered no solution.  Allen said he could not afford to move out:  What would roommates do if they found out about the bedwetting.  The fear of discovery was huge.


Allen asked ”Please thank Jacob for being brave enough to talk about this.  He gave me the courage to contact you”.

For 38 years The Enuresis Treatment Center, a bedwetting clinic that treats the world, helps adults and teenagers as well as younger children.  Call today  800.379.2331



Source:  Youtube – The Enuresis Treatment Center Channel

Jacob, 25, talks about his history of bedwetting with The Enuresis Treatment Center

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