Bed Wetting Help – 9 Year Old’s New Years Resolution

A mom of a nine-year-old boy decided it was time to stop being patient.  Every Well Visit provided the same message from her Pediatrician “Be patient, he will outgrow the bedwetting.”  Karen acknowledge her son was somewhat bothered by the nightly “accidents” but thought it was not a significant problem.


Just before the holiday break she received an email from her son’s teacher that he refused to complete a simple project.  Karen learned the project was to make one New Year’s Resolution and read to the class.  Her son left it blank, refusing to write anything on the paper.   In early January as mom was tucking her son in bed, he revealed a small sheet of paper with his New Year’s Resolution – I will stop wetting my bed.  Then he began to sob.


So, you think bedwetting is just a “wet sheet” problem?  The nine-year-old boy, still waiting to outgrow it didn’t think so.  Of all the New Year’s resolution a nine-year-old can make, this child resolved to stop wetting his bed – and broke down sobbing – as if the problem was his fault and he could stop if he really tried.


Feelings of failure, of being “different”, low self-esteem and hopelessness are the constant companions of the child who suffers from bedwetting. All they want is bedwetting help.  


Children who wet the bed will do anything to hide their disorder, even if it requires defying a teacher.  The suffer in silence and inside themselves they live apart from other children, suffering with their secret and dreading the nighttime.


The next time your doctor says not to worry, your child will outgrow bedwetting and it is really not serious — remember the sobbing little boy’s New Year’s resolution.