Our Bedwetting Solution For You No Matter Where You Live

It’s time to know about The Bedwetting Cure ™ – The #1 Bedwetting Therapy

Our program is a one-of-a-kind, drug free, and fully-guided system that makes things simple for you.

  • You have a plan of action + a personal partner to facilitate and manage every step
  • You receive the highest level of personal care without leaving your home
  • You have the advantage of a full-service program rather than unreliable and unpredictable online products and videos
  • You have our unlimited support and guidance – face-to-face and from start to finish
  • You have our exclusive money-back guarantee

With regularly scheduled appointments, you work closely with your own counselor, and under the watchful eye of our Director of Treatment.  In addition to your telephone appointments, you may also meet regularly with your counselor in our bedwetting center.

Since 1975, Bedwetting Treatment Center has worked with tens of thousands of individuals to bring an end to this complicated problem. A bedwetting solution is available to you no matter where you reside.

» Access: You will have easy access to us. You will have private attention and continuous communication.  Call anytime.

» Convenience: We provide a bedwetting solution based upon symptoms. You will be able to work through your bedwetting program based upon your schedule and continue to receive  attention, feedback and guidance whether you live in our area or another state.  Teenagers appreciate the privacy and options – You do not have to come into our bedwetting clinic.

» Comfort:  A program will be developed and ready to be implemented with private counseling.

» Familiarity: “Telemedicine” is a fast growing way to connect patients with healthcare providers. We offer you our full attention, private counseling with the same counselor for each appointment.  You will receive the best bedwetting solution, quality care and put and end to bedwetting no matter where you live.

Bedwetting is a complicated issue. It’s a symptom of an inherited sleep disorder, which is a serious issue. Both affect a bedwetter’s emotional, mental, and physical well being.










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Finally Get Your Child Dry!

“The program you developed for us was impressive.  We live in San Antonio and my son’s structured plan, support and never ending guidance from Laura surpassed every expectation.  Our teenage son is finally free from the burden of bed wetting and feels confident now that he can go anywhere and do anything.”

Beth Dunbar,  San Antoine