Bedwetting Is Far More Than An Embarrassing Problem

Dr. Stuart F. Quan, MD, professor emeritus of medicine at the University of Arizona, in the June 7, 2010 24th Annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies  stated that bedwetting can be an “embarrassing problem” for adolescents.


Despite his is good intention, we at the Enuresis Treatment Center believe that Dr. Quan could not have understated the problem any more.


Bedwetting is a psychological curse to adolescents creating feelings of shame, self-disgust, and the sense that they are “different”.  Adolescents live in the paralyzing fear of discovery and live their entire lives around efforts to avoid that discovery.  Low self-esteem, depression and on rare occasions suicide are regular visitors to their lives.


In addition, Dr. Quan stated that parents can get help for their teenagers bedwetting at an AASM-accredited sleep disorder center.  Unfortunately, this too is far from accurate.  While many treatments exist, none offer the efficacy or safety provided by the Enuresis Treatment Center’s proven methods, and none offer the 97% success rate of our program, so effective that we offer a money-back- guarantee.  The growing number of our adult patients also belies Dr. Quan’s assurance regarding adolescent outgrowing the problem.


Author – Lyle Danuloff, Ph. D.


Dr. Danuloff is the past president of the Michigan Psychological Association, and has been on staff at The Enuresis Treatment Center for over 20 years.  Please visit our website at

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