Bedwetting Program Helped Angry Son

I want to share how this bedwetting center has helped our family. We found their website when our son was a seven year old. He had hardly had any dry nights in his lifetime and was a very angry, hyper child. I had no idea that these two issues could go hand in hand.
When our son was six, his angry outbursts were so difficult to deal with that we decided to try play therapy, which is like counseling for children. We had previously tried dietary changes with little positive effect. At one of the sessions with our play therapist I asked about bedwetting because we assumed it was related to his emotional disturbances. I was told that most of her patients wet the bed and our son would grow out of it. Also, both my husband I have siblings who struggled with bedwetting, so we thought it was just a genetic thing that he would grow out of.
By the time he was almost eight he was wetting the bed 5-7 nights a week and he was still very angry a lot of the time. The play therapy had not worked and his bedwetting was not lessening. I (mom) was REALLY tired of washing sheets every day, so I started looking into ways to stop his bedwetting. One of the first websites I came upon was the Center for Bedwetting Treatment. It immediately struck a chord with me because they mentioned the genetics (my husband and I had siblings who were bedwetters), the deep sleep disorder (our son could sleep through fire alarms and thunderstorms) and how this deep sleep disorder can cause behavior problems along with bedwetting. It just made so much sense to me. His bedwetting and behavior problems were symptoms of sleeping too deeply and not because he was a bad kid. We were so relieved to have found help. Time, money, effort, worth it in many ways!
From the very first call, everyone was very friendly and re-assuring. We finally did not feel alone in our problem and felt empowered that there could be a way for him to heal.
claudia_minvielle_profileOur treatment advisor, Claudia, was very patient with us and told us exactly what we needed to do each time we talked. It was not always easy to make the changes and do all the things she asked us to do, but she always explained how what we were doing was helping him. She was very encouraging throughout the whole process! We saw quick results as he was dry most nights after only three months on the program. It was important that we continue the program past that time to see how he would react to changes in life like trips, end of school, sickness, etc.
Besides the benefit of dry nights (and LESS laundry) our son is calmer now. His flaring temper is much rarer now and he just seems more at peace with himself and the world around him!
We are so thankful that we found this wonderful place and would recommend it to anyone dealing with bedwetting and deep sleep disorder issues!

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