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Bedwetter SOS
Help your kid deal with bedwetting woes before overnight camp or her next sleepover.
By Sakeenah Williams
Whether your youngster is heading off for a weekend with relatives or weeks at overnight camp, help her enjoy the time without worrying she’ll get in trouble for wetting the bed or feeling embarrassed about it. Barbara Moore, founder of the the Enuresis Treatment Center in Farmington Hills, MI, shares tips for giving your child a sense of security in your absence.
Be proactive. Don’t assume the grown-ups in charge know how to handle bedwetting or daytime accidents. Have an honest convo with the grandparents about what they should do and say, or ask camp administrators to outline how they’ll discreetly dispose of wet sheets.
Don’t rely on medication. Meds aren’t foolproof, and since they’re dehydrating, they’re not ideal for active kids who need to stay hydrated as they run around outdoors. Use these only as a temporary fix. As backup, familiarize yourself with the camp’s bedwetting policy.
Address your child’s worries. The less a child complains about bedwetting, the more it bothers her. Remind her she’s not alone, that the grown-ups in charge know about her situation and will do their best to help her—and that it’s okay for her to forget her troubles for a while and just have fun.

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