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Bedwetting Worries Because of Peer Pressure, Bullies, And Just Plain Meanness

thumb_scold (1)Parents and adults often write or send goodies to thank us upon completion of treatment.  This email included a request from the mom not to use her name because, even though her son is free from bedwetting, he made it clear he does not want anyone to know that that he wet the bed until 12 years old.
Dear Barbara and Claudia,
“Some accidents are meaningful!  I found your website by accident and was grateful to find it.  Desperate mom’s like me cannot continue to rely on Pediatricians to end bedwetting.  Our doctor had little interests in the problem and kept telling my son to try harder.  A pat on the shoulder with a reply of “you won’t be doing this in high school” is hardly a solution to end bedwetting.
We pulled my son out of public school to home school because of so many difficulites – hard to get up in the morning, hard to focus and daytime urine leaking.  Until I read your website, I had no idea these could be related to bedwetting!
My son was terrified someone was going to smell the urine and make fun of him in school.  He had no idea why this was happening.  The Urologist wanted to give him medication and to wear a watch with a timer on it.  My son said it would only draw attention to something he could not control.  I flatly refused to give my son drugs when that was not going to take care of the real cause.
When Claudia explained the daytime leaking was a result of the nighttime bedwetitng and how we were going to work together to end ALL the leaking, he was thrilled.
I made it clear from very early on that we were 100% committed to this program.  I was on a mission to make my son a whole person again and this program was the right solution.
I believe Claudia was the perfect person for us to work with throughout treatment.  Her enuresis treatment knowledge and experience showed through each and every appointment.  I thank you both for the everything you have done, and for the new life you have helped to give my son.  We will be forever grateful to your program and dedication to properly end bedwetting.  The difference in his sleep is staggering.  He gets up and is ready for the morning, looking like he has slept, wakes up to a dry bed and I see his ability to focus improving each week.
I really want others to see a real person behind this email, but I am afraid of the peer pressure, bullying and just plain meaness of middle school kids. My son does not want anyone to find out he that he use to be a bedwetter.
I hope you can understand this.  If social media did not exist, it would be different.
Again thank you so much for the work you do to change lives forever. We feel blessed”
Texas mom and transformed 13 year-old-son.
September 2014

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