29-Year-Old Adult Female Firefighter Defeats Bedwetting with Help From Enuresis Treatment Center

Press Release Summary = This release describes the struggles of a 29-year-old female firefighter and her defeat of bedwetting via www.nobedwetting.com


Press Release Body = She wouldn’t outgrow it. She couldn’t overthrow it. Firefighter could conquer most anything–except bedwetting


Being a firefighter in New York City is not just a noble profession. It’s also extremely dangerous. It takes courage just to get through the training and prove to your team that you can be counted on to hold up under the stress. Being young, single and female requires an extra measure of toughness on top of the courage. 29-year-old Jennifer had plenty of both. Yet, this brave woman had a secret that kept her in a chronic state of anxiety and isolated from the support and camaraderie of her fellow fire fighters. It was like being trapped in her own personal burning building. Jennifer, at 29, was a bedwetter.


When not conquering flames and savings lives, this courageous woman was waging a personal battle against bed-wetting. Doctors had finally stopped promising that she would “outgrow” the nightly bedwetting. But none of their bedwetting treatments worked—not medication, special diets or psychotherapy. Jennifer managed to become a success in her job, but as a woman, she felt empty. She longed to meet that special someone, and asked herself why she could march into a burning building, but could not defeat enuresis—or at least outgrow it like the doctors had  promised. But here she was, afraid to even go out on a date.Just when Jennifer had reached a rock bottom state of hopelessness and wondered if she was going a little crazy, a friend with a 12 year-old daughter shared their bedwetting secret and an exciting Internet solution. Jennifer was skeptical. Was this just going to be another empty promise for an enuresis cure? With nowhere else to turn, she contacted the Enuresis Treatment Center via their website (www.nobedwetting.com).


She learned that her bed-wetting was probably due to an inherited sleep disorder, not a lack of control. Gaining confidence, she enrolled in the program and was assigned a personal counselor who really got to know Jennifer, her history and current situation. Jennifer used the telephone to communicate and a fax machine to report her progress. Her counselor gave her hope and  confidence, and most of all—results! Jennifer’s path to taking charge of bedwetting began 18  months ago, and now it’s all in the past. Her bed is dry every morning, and she feels like her life has begun. With newfound confidence, she has forged friendships at work,created better   relationships with her family and she has begun to date. The missing pieces  of her life are coming together. This urban hero is finally putting out the flames of her own loneliness.


To help someone stop bedwetting—no matter how old they are—visitwww.nobedwetting.com. Or call  1-800-379-2331. Outside the US, including Canada,call  1-248-785-1199.


Web Site =  www.nobedwetting.com

Sam Donaldson This Week Insensitivity to Bedwetters

On the Sunday, January 24, edition of  “This Week“, Sam Donaldson, in discussing the Democratic Party’s political weaknesses and fear of confronting issues, called the party “bedwetters” on two separate occasions. During one comment he said it is time for “no more bedwetting.”

As the Director and Founder of the Enuresis Treatment Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan, I am appalled at his insensitivity to the plight of over 20 million children, teens and adults in the country who suffer from the bedwetting disorder.

Bedwetting is not a sign of personal or character weakness of any kind. Bedwetters suffer from an inherited deep sleep disorder that produces their problem. Indeed, coping with the disorder takes a great deal of strength, far from the intellectual weakness Mr. Donaldson showed on Sunday.

Barbara Moore
Director / Founder – Enuresis Treatment Center

Enuresis in the Detroit News


Hello, my name is Matthew.  Ever since I wet the bed I was afraid someone would find out.  In the summer if I brought a friend up and wet he was surly to find out!!  When I was 9 I first read about the Enuresis Clinic in the Detroit News…

6 months later I get done with the program.  I don’t wet the bed anymore.  I now feel better because now, I can ask my friends to come spend the night at my home or a weekend at my cottage!  And believe you me it sure feels good to not wet anymore!!



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Address The Bedwetting Problem Now

Dear Barbara, Gaile & Staff,

Our situation was like something we had never experienced before, or could we understand it. After our son was potty trained, he would still get up at night and go to the bathroom. Then about 21/2 years ago our 9 year old son began getting up and coming to us complaining he was wet and so was his bed.

We didn’t think much of it at first, but the problem continued. So, we went to the doctor and checked for childhood diabetes etc., but all the test came back negative. The doctor offered us a prescription to TEMPORARILY stop him wetting at night with no guarantees or promises of a permanent solution, and so…the problem continued. We decided to use Goodnites as a temporary solution, but our son only felt worse about himself and his problem.

One LUCKY day, on channel 7, we saw a story describing our problem and a website to go to, so we set to work and called your office. What a world of difference it made for all of us. We cannot stress enough to others to address the problem for what it is, Enuresis.

Someone with enuresis feels shame and guilt, regardless of their age, and does not know why. Your staff at the Enuresis Treatment Clinic is fully trained and knowledgeable in all levels of this very misunderstood problem.

We worked as a team with one common goal, and we used no drugs, no feeling of shame, blame, or guilt. You gave us the system, support and strength to overcome this…..and we have.

Eternally grateful,
The Lift Family

ABC News Report on Bedwetting Cure

ABC interviews mom and 7 year old about finally getting results thanks to The Enuresis Treatment Center. We successfully treat bedwetting all over the world. . call 800.379.2331 for the help you need. nobedwetting.com


Call Enuresis Clinic at 800-379-2331 After completing treatment for bedwetting, a family from Canada visits The Enuresis Treatment Center Headquarters in Michigan. Daughter Sydney wanted to meet her treatment counselor, Nurse, MaryAnne Rice. Dad was skeptical of a treatment in another country. Parents began to notice improvements in their daughter’s school work, confidence and wanted a better night’s sleep for Sydney. Finally.. a drybed! www.nobedwetting.com