Our Message For Children

Parents, this is a great opportunity to show your child more about why they’re wetting the bed.

Here’s our message to them:

There are other children in your school who also wet the bed. 

They just donʼt talk about it, and neither do you.  And that’s ok.

It’s important to know this about why you’re wetting the bed:

  • It’s not because you’re lazy.
  • It’s not because you drink too much water or juice.
  • It’s not because there’s something wrong with your body.
  • Bedwetting accidents are not your fault.
  • It’s not even your parents’ fault.

It’s simply that you sleep very deeply, and because of that, you have what we call a “super sleepy brain”.  This makes your brain unable to connect with your bladder when in bed at night.  And if it can’t connect to your bladder to tell it to hold pee in it, then it will empty the pee into your bed. That’s the only reason you experience bedwetting, and it’s not something you can control or stop on your own.

The drawing below shows you how your body’s urinary system works.

This is where your urine is made.  Everybody calls it “pee”. When you drink something, it eventually goes to the kidneys.

Urinary System Chart< Find the kidneys on the drawing 

The kidneys make the pee. The pee travels down little tubes called ureters, and enters your bladder.

< Find the bladder on the drawing 

The bladder keeps getting larger with pee until you feel like you have to go.  After you pee, the bladder is empty.  When you’re sleeping, your brain sleeps so deeply it doesn’t “hear” the bladder when it tries to tell the brain to wake up because it’s full. 

You wet the bed because your body hasnʼt learned to hold the pee when you’re sleeping.  We just need to teach it how!  When we work with your parents to help your brain sleep the right way, then soon enough, the bedwetting is gone forever!  

Then you can celebrate big time!  And we’ll celebrate with you!  Yahoo!

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