Chronic Bedwetting Is A Symptom

The staff at the Enuresis Treatment Center deepest concern is the quality of sleep. We are always pleased when parents discover the common denominator between the symptom of chronic bedwetting and the root cause.
A dad from Austin Texas remarked about his 14 year old son’s hard and very deep sleep during a consultation with Director, Gaile Nixon,
“If the bedwetting wasn’t alerting us to what’s going on, then we would never have known he’s having this kind of poor sleep. We wouldn’t have put two and two together. Our largest concern is the quality of sleep, so thank you.”
Our methodology is designed to treat the source of bedwetting. Trying to cure a condition by attempting to treat the symptom never makes a lasting difference. We concentrate on sleep because a sleep disorder is the root cause of chronic bedwetting.

Have you noticed the relationship between your child’s long lasting bedwetting and the type of sleep they experience? We invite you to share your story.

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