The level of support was excellent and European dad claims he would recommend our bedwetting treatment program 100%.

Robert and Francesca are a father and daughter who were together for their final appointment with their Treatment Advisor, Claudia Minvielle, and they gave us permission to videotape them so they could share with others about their experience with us.

The family lives in Europe, and even though they have never visited our clinic in person, they received the same quality of care. Each visit was conducted via Skype so Claudia could nurture the relationship with the family, and consistently develop Francesca’s treatment for her deep-sleep bedwetting.

For the past 40 years, we have been able to develop a protocol to assist families regardless of where they reside, as well as families who live in the Metro Detroit area. 80% of our patients live outside of Michigan.

Transcript of video below:


Francesca: “Thank you for helping me”

Claudia: “You’re welcome. Congratulations, and I am very proud of you”.

Robert: “I would say that number one, it works. The Enuresis Treatment Center and website, you have a methods that works 100%, and I would recommend you to anybody else. It is quite expensive, so for us, we made sacrifices and were able to do it. Really you can’t put a price on this.

The level of support was excellent, and, Claudia, you have been strict with us which is good, and your program how to stop bed wetting has worked.  The one to one private appointments via Skype worked. It worked from her side, and it worked for us. So we are really pleased, and that is the bed wetting solution we were looking for, and you guys have delivered 100%”.


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