My Daughters Life Is Easier Since Completing the Bedwetting Treatment


How to Stop Bedwetting Rather Than Just Dealing With Bedwetting

“For a year now I have tried so many ways of handling / dealing with my daughters bedwetting problems.  From just ignoring it hoping it would go away to using medications that only worked while you were on them. I kept asking and searching .. how to stop bedwetting.  My pediatrician offered suggestions, no real solution.   Finally discovering an expert who worked with us from beginning to a REAL end to her bedwetting and it has made my daughters life easier.

The Enuresis Treatment Center program is great.  They do not use medications,  which was a great concern to me.  It is a lot of hard work done with a team effort, with tremendous support and a great deal of knowledge about what really causes bedwetting.  There was a mix of a lot of love, understanding and encouragement from everyone.

Each session with Mary Anne Rice was enlightening and instructional.  We knew step-by-step what to work on.   – the results are well. RESULTS.  I no longer ask how to stop bedwetting, I tell everyone.  The treatment staff at the clinic are very knowledgable, understanding, concerned, helpful people.  Jacki and I extend a BIG THANKS for all your help.

Diane M.

Worthington, Ohio


Thanks Diane and Jacki!  We appreciate the kind words.  Our specialists have treated bed wetting for children, teens, and adults around the world, regardless of where you live, we have a solution.