Treating the deep sleep that causes bed wetting

Distance Treatment

We End Bedwetting No Matter Where You Live

Since 1975, we at Enuresis Treatment Center have worked with tens of thousands of individuals to bring an end to chronic bedwetting.  Many of our patients reside in other states or countries, yet facilitating treatment with you long distance is equally as effective as facilitating with you in person.

You have options for treatment:  Telephone, Skype, or office visits.

» Access: You will have easy access to us. We know that communication is the key to success with our program.

» Convenience: Distance Treatment is a great advantage to all patients living out of state or in another country. Local families can also be treated by phone to save drive time. It is especially helpful for patients who are sensitive about coming into our bedwetting clinic…. and most are.

» Comfort:  You will be implementing treatment from the comfort of your home. This also increases the level of privacy.

» Familiarity: “Telemedicine” is a fast growing way to connect patients with healthcare providers. We call it Distance Treatment, and this method allows us to provide quality care no matter your location.

Bedwetting is a complicated issue. It’s a symptom of a sleep disorder, which is a serious issue. Both affect a bedwetter’s emotional, mental, and physical well being.

You can read more about the sleep and bedwetting connection.

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“Your bed wetting treatment was impressive.  We live in San Antonio and my son’s treatment plan, support and never ending guidance from Laura surpassed every expectation.  Our teenage son is finally free from the burden of bed wetting and feels confident now that he can go anywhere and do anything.”

Beth Dunbar,  San Antoine