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Dear Lorie:


Wow, how can I sum up one of the best endeavors I have ever participated in?  At the start of your bedwetting program, my son was 10 and I had already exhausted every “solution or system” I could get my hands on to end his bedwetting, tried to cope with bedwetting, tried handling bed wetting.  Our pediatrician, as much as I have faith in him, was of no help with older children bed wetting, as he only would say he will grow out of it.  We could not figure out how to stop bedwetting for my son.  How to stop bedwetting was a question I use to ask myself everyday. We tried moisture alarms and they were no help. So in total frustration and despair, I hit the Internet one last time for anything that could help him. I simply typed in “how to stop bedwetting” and I found the website for Enuresis Treatment Center and began to read about your bedwetting program.  I put a lot of thought and consideration into the program and spent much time reading the parent comments.  I realized my son was a sound sleeper.  The deep sleep was causing the bed-wetting.   I talked with my son and we decided to make the first phone call.


From our first conversation with Enuresis Treatment Center I had renewed hope.  From the moment forward I never doubted the treatment plans success.  Through much education and hard work our dreams of dry nights have finally been realized after 11 years.  I cannot emphasize how much this has changed all of our lives.  Our son has a freedom to do things for the first time in his life.  Spend the nights and trips out of town are no longer scary prospects.  He doesn’t have a “dirty little secret” anymore.We cannot believe the bedwetting help you gave us.  Most importantly it has given me a child who wakes up with a big smile on his face each day!  These things are invaluable to us.


Lorie, I cannot thank you enough for all of the help you have provided my son.     You have been with us every step of the way guiding and tailoring the program to fit my older child bed wetting.  You have always been a bright and encouraging ray of sunshine.  You possess a unique ability to handle a delicate situation with respect and compassion.  For this I am forever grateful and would recommend this program to anyone with a chronic bedwetting problem.  After all in a few months we went from big nightly wets to none at all.  I truly believe that we could have NEVER achieved this without you and this program.


Thank you so very much,


Cindy Y.

Dallas, Texas – The Great State!


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