Enuresis Treatment Center Knows How to Solve Bedwetting

Farmington Observer & Eccentric Hometown Paper
Thursday, March 10, 2011

Observer: Tell us about your business, including the types of services and/or products you feature.

Moore: I am the founder of the Enuresis Treatment Center, which deals only with bedwetting cases. We have treated thousands of children, teenagers, and adult bedwetters, tracking all related symptoms. Our extensive research validates bedwetting as a problem caused by abnormally deep sleep, which doesn’t allow for the bedwetter’s brain and bladder to connect so they can effectively respond to each other.
In 99 percent of all bedwetting cases, (based upon our research of tens of thousands of documented cases) the root cause is sleeping so deeply. It is an inherited deep-sleep disorder that results in bedwetting and more importantly, a fragmented, non-restorative, sleep.
This compromised sleep can also result in daytime symptoms; difficulty awakening, fatigue, memory difficulty, irritability, difficulty concentrating. These symptoms can increase as a bedwetter reaches adulthood.

Observer: What makes your business unique?

Moore: We are the only clinic in the U.S. that treats children, teenagers, and adults effectively without the use of drugs, surgery, or psychotherapy. Our teenage patients have increased 30 percent in the past two years. Adults who continue wetting are so relieved to find our website. They feel a tremendous amount of shame, and have suffered for years. Observer: How did you first decide to open your own business?

Moore: In 1974, I had a challenge to meet. My daughter Gaile, then 6, was wetting the bed, and the frustration was mounting. I had taken Gaile for ongoing visits with a therapist, having been told that this bedwetting condition was psychological in nature.
Then I admitted Gaile into the hospital for surgery (stretching the urethra), having been told it was a physical issue that could be immediately remedied. At my wits end, I considered the prescription for Tofranil (imipramine), until I discovered it was an anti- depressant with serious side effects.
The final piece of advice was to give it time, that Gaile would outgrow bedwetting by puberty (eight years away). That was not an option for me. I had an adult uncle who was still wetting the bed, and I could see Gaile was clearly being affected… she was hiding her
wet sheets, denying her bedwetting, and was awakening sluggish and irritable. Gaile’s daytime hours were disrupted by
her urgent and frequent needs to urinate, for which Gaile was prescribed Ditropan (Oxybutynin). This had no effect other than causing dry mouth. Equally alarming for me, Gaile was often difficult to awaken in the morning, and would be prone to outbursts and easily frustrated as the day wore on.
So after exhausting all medical and psychological resources to no avail, I took matters into my own hands. Determined to find a bedwetting solution, I embarked on a mission, eventually uncovering an internationally-recognized sleep study that changed everything. Based on this study, I and my consultants created the bedwetting treatment program, which is centered around correcting a sleep disorder known to be the root cause of bedwetting. Gaile was the first child to receive this bedwetting treatment — and the first of many to awaken every morning in a dry bed.
Over the years, the bedwetting treatment program has developed into an exact science to ensure that the outcome is consistently achieved and in the least amount of time. Together, Barbara and Gaile have built and internationally acclaimed enuresis treatment center.

Observer: How did you decide to locate in the Farmington/Farmington Hills community?

Moore: I live here. I wanted to be close to home while raising a family. Farmington has turned out to be an ideal location for families who visit from many states and countries.

Business name: Enuresis Treatment Center Business address: 31500 W. 13 Mile Road, Suite 100, Farmington Hills, MI 49334 Your name and title: Barbara Moore, Founder Your hometown: Farmington Hills Business opened when? 1975 Number of employees: 16 Your business specialty: Treating enuresis (bed- wetting) and permanently changing the underlying sleep disorder. Hours of operation: Monday through Saturday Business phone and/or website: (248) 785-1199 www.nobedwetting.com

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