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We understand how difficult it has been for you, since we have been treating adult bedwetters since 1975. We get right to the core of the problem – the deep sleep that has continued through-out your life.  This is a genetically inherited sleep disorder that can be treated without using drugs. Bedwetting is just a red flag; deep sleep is the more underlying serious issue: the cause of enuresis.
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Jacob, 25 found success with our program

Listen as Director Gaile Nixon discusses our treatment protocol during a national radio talk show interview:

Gaile talks about her personal experience with deep sleep and bedwetting, and how that experience helps her understand the challenges that bedwetters face daily.  Listen as Gaile talks about how to stop wetting the bed.
“Studies show that at least 2% of adults have a lack of control of urination during the night. Nocturnal enuresis is not to be confused with nocturia or waking two or more times per night to void.” 2% translates to 4.2 million adults (reported cases) 19 – 64 in the United States wet the bed. Source: National Association For Continence
    • Bedwetting, also know as primary nocturnal enuresis, runs in families. There is often a history in the family lineage


    • Research has shown that if the father wet the bed as a child, there is a 39% greater chance the child will wet the bed, and if the mother has a history of bedwetting, there is a 23% greater chance


  • If both parents have a history of bedwetting, there is a 77% chance the child will also wet the bed. Source: University of Iowa Science Relations

Finally, Someone is Talking Out Loud, Very Loud, About Bedwetting.

Sarah Silverman shares her bedwetting experiences in a memoir The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee. USA TODAY’s Koruna Lopez asked Sarah many questions regarding her childhood. Regarding bedwetting Sarah believed that bedwetting was her deepest, darkest secret. She did not understand the cause of bedwetting – the deep sleep disorder.

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