For Children – How to Stop Wetting the Bed – The Permanent Solution

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There are probably 3 or 4 other kids in your class who also wet the bed, they have the same bedwetting problem as you! They donʼt talk about it, like you donʼt talk about it, but they also want to stop wetting the bed.

  • Bedwetting is not your fault
  • It is not because you are lazy
  • Bed wetting accidents are not your fault
  • It is not because you drink too much
  • It is not even your parents fault

Children share their bedwetting thoughts

Too many tears – too many failures. We will always be grateful.

ABC News interviews 7 year old Emma and her Mom

If You Could Wake Up, You Would!We know you want to wake up dry; we know you want to go to bed without a Pull up. We know you want to go to sleepovers with friends. We are here to help end the bedwetting forever.

why_you_wet2.gifWhy You Wet the Bed

The picture shows you how your bodyʼs urinary system works. This is where your urine (everybody calls it “pee”) is made. When you drink something, it eventually goes to the kidneys.

urinary_system_chart.jpgFind the Kidneys on the Drawing

The kidneys make the pee. The pee travels down little tubes called ureters and enters your bladder.

Find the Bladder on the Drawing

The bladder keeps getting larger with pee until you feel like you have to go. After you pee, the bladder is empty. When you are asleep, your brain sleeps so deeply it does not hear the bladder when it tries to tell the brain to wake up because it is full. You wet the bed because your body hasnʼt learned to hold the pee when you are sleeping.

Remember…Wetting the Bed is Not Your Fault

Your brain sleeps so deeply, you canʼt wake up. There is nothing wrong with your brain. With help, from our program, your brain can learn to wake up when your bladder is full.

What We Do About It

    • We Will Answer Questions on How to Stop Bedwetting
    • We Know This is Not Your Fault
    • No Pills or Shots In Our Bedwetting Treatment Program
    • Look for Our Birds, Fish and Pictures Drawn by Other Kids Your Age
    • You Will Never Spend Overnights at Our Clinic


    other_kids_2.gifOther Kidsʼ Stories

    Click on the names below to read how we helped other kids just like you to stop wetting the bed.

    Ask The Doctor

    My parents say I wet the bed because Iʼm just lazy. I know Iʼm not lazy. Why do I wet the bed?

    It is not your fault that you wet the bed. You canʼt help it. Bedwetting happens when a person sleeps so deeply that their brain canʼt keep the bladder closed when itʼs full. If the brain does not send the signal, the bladder opens and bedwetting happens.

    I feel really different because I wet the bed and feel like Iʼm the only kid in the world who does it. How do other kids with the problem feel about themselves?

    Enuresis Treatment Center has been devoted to ending bedwetting for 40 years. We have a 97% success rate, and are confident that we can end the bedwetting that we offer a money-back guarantee.

    I sometimes have “accidents” during the day. It just “happens”; I canʼt hold it. My parents say I just donʼt pay attention when I have to “go”. What is wrong with me? Are they right?

    Kids who have accidents are not waiting too long to go to the bathroom or not paying attention. Daytime accidents happen because your bladder muscle is so weak and so sensitive to the urge to “go” that every urge to go is super strong and does not give you any time to hold. Itʼs not your fault!

    Iʼm ten years old and I wet the bed. My five year old little brother does not. Iʼm afraid he will tell my friends about my problem.

    Have your parents tell your brother that the nighttime wetting should be a private family matter. All kids who wet the bed are afraid their friends will find out and tease them. The sooner you get help the sooner you wonʼt have to be afraid of this.

    My teacher says Iʼm not paying attention at school. I really want to, but I just canʼt. What is wrong with me?

    You are having trouble in school because your sleepy brain is not allowing good rest at night. Too much deep sleep can make you feel tired when you wake up and can cause your mind to wander when it needs to be paying attention.

    My parents say that my pull-ups are the way to take care of my bedwetting. Iʼm nine years old and I have to wear a nighttime diaper. It keeps my bed dry, but I am not! I want to go to sleepovers at my friends house. 

    If you feel sad or upset when you wake up in a wet diaper, share this with your parents. They want to help you. If you feel poorly about yourself, your parents would want to know.

    Iʼm supposed to go away on my first overnight summer camp. Iʼm going to tell my parents I donʼt want to go because I am afraid my cabin mates will find out about my bed wetting. I also have night terrors.

    Kids who wet the bed are always afraid that someone will find out about the problem, so they avoid activities and plans where they could be “found out”. You are not alone with your fear. We can help you stop the bedwetting and stop being afraid.