For Children – The Permanent Solution to the Bedwetting




Parents…this is a great opportunity to show your children more about why they wet the bed and how we can help! 

There are other kids in your class who also wet the bed also…they have the same bedwetting problem as you! They donʼt talk about it, just like you donʼt talk about it!

We know you want to wake up dry.  We know you want to go to bed without a Pull -Up. We know you want to go to sleepovers with friends. We are here to help end the bedwetting forever.

  • Bedwetting is not your fault
  • It is not because you are lazy
  • It is not because you drink too much
  • Bedwetting accidents are not your fault
  • It is not even your parents’ fault

Children share their bedwetting thoughts

why_you_wet2.gifWhy You Wet the Bed

The picture shows you how your bodyʼs urinary system works. This is where your urine (everybody calls it “pee”) is made. When you drink something, it eventually goes to the kidneys.

urinary_system_chart.jpgFind the Kidneys on the Drawing

The kidneys make the pee. The pee travels down little tubes called ureters and enters your bladder.

Find the Bladder on the Drawing

The bladder keeps getting larger with pee until you feel like you have to go. After you pee, the bladder is empty. When you are asleep, your brain sleeps so deeply it does not hear the bladder when it tries to tell the brain to wake up because it is full. You wet the bed because your body hasnʼt learned to hold the pee when you are sleeping.

Remember – Wetting the Bed is Not Your Fault!  It’s just a very sleepy brain you have at the moment!