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  • You receive direct & private care without leaving your home
  • You have a proven plan of action & a personal counselor to facilitate and manage every step
  • You have a full-service program rather than unreliable and unpredictable online products and videos
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Bedwetting is a complex problem. We have proven that the key to success in handling this tough issue is an individualized approach and a full support system to manage and facilitate your plan of care.

The #1 cause of bedwetting has to do with the deep, heavy sleep.  Your child inherited a sleep disorder that causes bedwetting.

Looking for answers?

“I can finally go to my friends houses and not worry about wetting the bed”

Don’t Let Your Child Wet the Bed Into Teen Years, Says Dr. Lyle Danuloff

Will Your Child Outgrow Bedwetting?

Know that it is NOT a certainty. Being told your child will outgrow bedwetting is simply not true. Not only is it entirely uncertain whether one will outgrow bedwetting–we see plenty of teenagers and  adults who wet the bed.

  • If one were to outgrow bedwetting, then they are left with the sleep disorder that caused the bedwetting in the first place.
  • Other symptoms of the sleep disorder can look like sleep apnea, sleepwalking, night terrors, or even insomnia.
  • For this reason, we know bedwetting is an opportunity to take action and uncover the serious underlying issue to eliminate it.

We offer the #1 Bedwetting Treatment for Teenagers

Why Our Bed Wetting Solution Succeeds While Other Methods Fail

We are the only enuresis clinic for bedwetting that provide this highly effective, scientifically validated method aimed directly at altering the underlying deep sleep pattern that causes enuresis.  Working with this highly validated method breaks through to the brain and bladder connection with a safe, drug free and non-invasive method that leads to an end to bedwetting.

We focus on methods that measure and change one body process to measure and change a second body process. Our bed wetting programs for teenagers have proven success.  With this change, we provide the following advantages:

  • A healthy, restorative sleep EVERY night, and a dry bed EVERY morning!
  • Waking up refreshed
  • Increased ability to focus
  • Improvement in school work
  • Ability to attend sleepovers and camp without anxiety
  • Heightened self-esteem
  • Greater confidence with social interactions
  • Elimination or a diminishment of ADD/ADHD symptoms, which is also likely to eliminate the need for medication
  • An end to the suffering

Our program has a Money-Back Guarantee.

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What Does NOT Cause Bedwetting?

Psychological problems, laziness, drinking fluids before bedtime, toilet training mistakes, and poor parenting skills DO NOT cause bedwetting to occur. We encourage you never to blame yourselves or your children for this issue. The occurrence of chronic bedwetting is nobody’s fault. It is solely a genetic issue that can be altered through proper treatment.

Damaging Psychological Effects of Bedwetting

Wetting the bed can be an assault on a child’s self-esteem, especially an older child still bed wetting.  Very often they suffer silently. The greatest fear is being “discovered,” which often causes them to withdraw or to harbor a “secret” to avoid being teased or humiliated, even with siblings. Older children still bed wetting will often avoid participating in exciting childhood activities such as camp or sleepovers with friends, otherwise they attend these events with underlying anxiety. Ultimately, the longer bedwetting goes untreated, the greater the potential for psychological and emotional trauma.

What Does NOT Cure Bedwetting?

  • Drugs
  • Alarms
  • Pull-Ups or Goodnights
  • Restricting Fluids
  • Awakening for bathroom visits
  • Punishment
  • Reward Systems
  • Psychotherapy
  • Medical Procedures
  • Hypnosis
  • Changes in Diet
  • Allergy Treatment
  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Homeopathic Essences

Important Research Facts About Bedwetting Pertaining to Children

Dr. Diane N. Rosenbaum, a psychologist at the Center to Assist in the Regulation of Enuresis, which is part of Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, said even many pediatricians don’t know how to deal with bed-wetting, which is a common problem with children.

Frustrated parents are often told “Don’t worry about bedwetting-enuresis. They will outgrow it!” A major study in the British Journal of Urology (May 2006) concludes that many children will never outgrow bedwetting – unless they get help.

If a seven-year old wets every night,they will almost never stop without getting proper help. This study found that if a seven-year old is wetting just one or two nights per week, he has a 96% chance of wetting as a 13-year-old teenager.   If they wet three to six times, they have a 76% chance of wetting until at least age 19.