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Teen bed wetting is not your fault –  44 years has shown us that anyone who wets the bed this long has inherited a sleep pattern that causes you to sleep in a particular way—too deeply.  Parents often call it very sound sleep or heavy sleep.  Because of this sleep pattern, your brain cannot receive  a signal from your bladder causing an involuntary release of urine.

Your brain needs to be taught a different way of sleeping, more responsive.  The good news – your brain can learn and adopt a new, more productive pattern of sleep.  We know this to be true because we have been putting a stop to teens bed wetting for four decades.

The average age in our teen bedwetting  program is 13, so we have years of experience putting an end to the bedwetting.  We know at this point you may have tried everything that you and your parents could think of to end your stressful condition.  And if you’ve been told that you’ll outgrow bed wetting, by now you may realize that it’s likely not going to happen without a program designed for you.

Bedwetting Limits Options For Teens


Did you know:

  • 1 in 30 teenagers wets the bed
  • We guarantee permanent results
  • 73% of our patients are teenagers


We have designed treatment – teenage bedwetting solutions – that will stop teen bedwetting.  Thousands of teenagers have completed our process and you can too.

When we end bedwetting for you, the relief is amazing.  Having good sleep for the first time in your life will affect everything about your life, including things like energy levels, outlook, focus, etc.  And waking up in a dry bed never having to worry about wetting again is a wonderful feeling and a worthwhile endeavor!  Would you agree?


Feel free to call us and speak to someone who, in confidence, will answer questions you may have.  Or perhaps ask your parents to call us if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Having them listen to a few audio testimonials or watch some videos may be helpful to do beforehand. You can find those here.

It’s time to put an end to bedwetting once and for all!
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“It is now July 2018 and he is 16 years old and dry at night!  This summer was the first time ever he was at camp and was dry the entire time.  We also had a vacation with success and did not have to pack all the extras that were needed in the past.  Our son now wakes up during thunderstorms and gets up during the night to use the bathroom.  He loves being dry at night and it has taken a big weight off of his mind when he travels and has overnights with friends.  College was also in the back of his mind and now he can look forward to that without the fear of wetting the bed and trying to manage all that goes with it in a dormitory setting.

The staff are very helpful in managing the program through phone calls and emails.  It’s not necessary to be there in person to be successful. They were responsive to any questions we had and were supportive the entire process.

We can’t thank them enough for their program and are thrilled with the results!  Theresa was an excellent advisor!  We would recommend the program and wished we hadn’t waited so long to find this solution”.

A thankful family in Texas