Help For Bedwetting and Night Terrors

Dear Michael, Barbara and the whole Enuresis Team!
I am writing this letter on a very special day. Today marks the date of our son’s “graduation celebration” from the program provided by the Enuresis Treatment Center. William, six year old, started the treatment about 10 months ago. It hasn’t been easy, but very worthwhile. Our story actually begins with a symptom that William had suffered with for years – Night Terrors.

The condition of Night Terrors (N.T.) was something that we as parents had been searching for answers for years. It wasn’t until William had turned 5 ½ and still wearing pull-ups at night that we started wondering if there was a connection to the two problems. We had tried many different solutions from medication to rewards. (Always told by our doctors that William would simply “grow out of it”). We really thought our son was just displaying an attitude problem at night and was too stubborn to make his way to the bathroom. With N.T.s also, we were mislead to think that he just wasn’t sleeping deep enough, and that is why he startled so easily. (Not realizing he was never awake to begin with!)
Finally after doing a desperate search, this time for the problem of bedwetting, we were blessed to find the Enuresis Treatment Center. It was then that the mystery to our son’s problems had been solved. It was like a last piece of the puzzle was missing and a relief to have found it. To discover the underline foundation of “deep sleep” was the connection.
Let me just say that our lives were already very very full!!!. We have 8 children, and we were about to move into a new home just weeks before Christmas. We were excited, but hesitant to take on a new treatment. Upon the first call, I , the mom, was warmly greeted by the founder and mom herself, Barbara. I really expected for her to get off the phone quickly with me, but instead she talked to me for over 30 min. She understood our struggles and was able to really encourage with her own daughter’s treatment.
It is easy for any family to think that “life is too busy” right now to start something new. It doesn’t take a larger family to have that concern. But if your child has a cut and you have a bandage, then you don’t hesitate to cover the wound. It was that simple for us. Life doesn’t slow down. In fact, only a month after beginning the program my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer and her illness has been progressing rapidly. This year has had it’s challenges. But through each step and with the support of our amazing counselor, Michael, we have been part of a process of healing our son.
In the end, we have a very confident six year old boy who also appreciates being able to not have to wear pull-ups, and who is much happier knowing his N.T. symptom is gone. Much thanks and gratitude to the whole team of dedicated people that have given themselves to helping others, so that not only our son, but our whole family rests much easier!!!
Deanna and family, Live Oak, California

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