Hiding the Bedwetting Directs His Life & Robs Him of His Childhood. At Boy Scout Camp, 11-Year Old Buries His Wet Diaper to Avoid Being Shamed and Bullied.

The story of the 11 year old boy scout, suffering from bedwetting his entire life, is typical of the emotional pain such children experience when their enuresis goes untreated and misunderstood.

The youngster lost hope that his pediatricians can help him – they cannot – and lives with the sense that he is not “normal”.

At a time of his life that should be joyful and full of potential, he agonizes about the fear of his bedwetting being discovered while at sleepovers and scout camp. In the dark of night, alone, he buries his wet diaper in the woods to avoid the bullying he knows would happen if his “secret” were to be discovered.

Yet, doctors say, “Don’t worry he’ll outgrow it”. Tragic, especially when help is available.

Michael W. Stallsmith, M.A., Sp.A., Director of Treatment at the Enuresis Treatment Center explains that we hear these tragic stories everyday. “We have been putting an end to bedwetting for 40 years and experience a 97% success rate for children, teens and adults around the world. We change lives everyday.”

We want to end the suffering as described in the following email we received by the mom of the 11-year-old camper.
source: https://www.nobedwetting.com

Dear Barbara,
My pediatrician continues to ignore my concerns during each Well Visit. The last few Well Visits, my son was so shut down and frustrated with the nightly bedwetting, he would hang his head and mumble answers regarding his health. She said we should not be concerned, but still gave it a diagnosis of primary nocturnal enuresis.

I stopped believing he was going to outgrow the bedwetting and decided something must be causing him to continue to wet the bed. I Googled “Expert who treats bedwetting” and was thrilled to locate your clinic and bedwetting program via the Internet.
Boy_Scout_Bedwetter_Finds_SolutionIn many ways In many ways I have a very determined 11-year old. He is moving through the Boy Scout ranks and hiking and camping are a part of this path. He works very hard to keep the bedwetting a secret. We work and were unable to be a part of some of the weeklong scout camping trips, so we taught him to bury his night diaper in the woods. He has to creep out of the tent while other campers are sleeping, find the shovel and walk a distance in the dark to dig a hole and get rid of the wet diaper.

I am so tired of him living in a hidden world. He hides from sleepovers, summer camp (except for boy scouts), has turned down travel soccer because he feared discovery and bullying.

I look forward to working with you and giving my son a normal life.
Audrey M.

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