Individuals experiencing chronic bedwetting have a unique set of symptoms.

Bedwetting can affect a youngster’s life in many ways. In fact, the older the child becomes, the more of an impediment it can be. When invited to fun experiences like sleepovers, camps, school trips, and vacations, a bedwetter often feels anxious and sometimes terrified to participate. That’s because the number one fear of someone who wets the bed is to be “found out”. Someone discovering that you are a bedwetter can have a lifelong traumatic effect.


“Usually associated with bed wetting is a sense of alienation that increases with time. While growing up, a child may show less and less interest in learning, interacting, and building relationships. They may feel anxious about joining in with school sports or social clubs.”

Director of Treatment, Michael Stallsmith, MA., Sp.A., School Psychologist


“Getting rid of this secret was the best thing that could have happened to me.”

Taylor, 13


“I had this problem my whole life.  I was tired of being ashamed of myself. Thank you for helping me.  I am not afraid to look people in the eye anymore.”

Michael, 17

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