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Our founder, Barbara Moore, has appeared on numerous television shows and radio programs to educate concerned parents about the complexities of bedwetting, and the fallout of the poor quality, deep-sleep pattern every bedwetter has inherited.  This led to numerous invitations to speak at schools and various institutions around the world.  Over nearly five decades, she has facilitated expert care for over 50,000 patients worldwide – for children, teens, and adults.

“Wetting The Bed Is Not An Accident” – The Oakland Press

“Bedwetter SOS” -Working Mothers

“Center Dries Up Bedwetting Woes” – Suburban Life

“Bedwetting No More” – Livingston Parent Journal

“Understanding Enuresis” – Detroit Metropolitan Woman

“Good Nights, Dry Nights: Is Bedwetting A Symptom of A Sleep Disorder?” –  Vital Magazine

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