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Dear Michelle:

Our son was 8 and still wetting the bed nightly with no signs of the cycle breaking.  We were told from the beginning by our pediatrician that he would outgrow the problem and to just leave him in a pull up.  By this time our youngest daughter who was three, had already been dry for 3 months, day and night time, with very little intervention.  We had not done anything different at all with our two children in regards to potty training.  Both were very willing and eager to try dry around three, but the big difference was the nighttime.  We were not concerned at first and trusted the pediatrician who kept saying he’ll grow out of it, however, it started to concern us when he mentioned that if the didn’t outgrow it they could give him medication for it.  Our son was also beginning to worry that he wouldn’t outgrow it since his sister was already dry at night.  We then decided to do some research.

I found the Enuresis Treatment Center on the internet and thought it looked very promising.  I was very pleased from the beginning with the professional and caring way I was treated and the fact that I was able to talk to someone who shared an understood my concern and let me know that there was a way to treat this with dignity and without drugs and that this was a much more common problem that people realized.  My husband and I  were very excited to try this.  When we found out the cost of the program, we were concerned at first, particularly because we live several states away from ETC and that this might not be a workable situation. We decided to at least go through with the first consultation and were so glad we did.  After talking with the initial counselor, we really felt as if we were in good hands and the money back guarantee that our son would be dry made us feel that we should go ahead and go for it.

We truthfully felt that we would be done in six months or less with as diligent as we planned to be with our work and would not even need their other guarantee that they would stick with us as longs as we needed them.  Like most things in life, however, we didn’t finish the program in six months. Or seven or a year!  It took us almost two years, due to some family problems which kept interrupting the flow of the program.  I do believe that if we could have eliminated our interruptions that we could have been done much sooner, but life happens!  The point was that Michelle stuck with us and tailored the program to our crazy lives.  She was patient and helpful and gave us the courage to keep with the program.  I remember tell her each time we had to alter course and stop for a short time that I understood we were not doing the program to the best of our ability and that I would understand if that did not warrant keeping us due to our contract, but she just kept telling us to stick with it and they were there for us.

To sum up our story and our satisfaction, we are most grateful that Michelle stuck with us when we were having trouble sticking with the program!  Our son did reach his goal and is a much happier person for his achievement.  And during our last phone call when Michelle told me, “if he should have trouble in the future, the program would still be there to help him.”  I BELIEVED HER!

Thank you so much for offering such and important, life-changing service.


C. Stevens

Emporia, VA

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