Many Parents Worry Their Child Will Not Outgrow Bedwetting

Sibling Bedwetters


About seven months ago, a mom called about her two children with a bedwetting problem. She stated that she did not believe her children were going to outgrow this condition. One child was 10, and the other was 8. They were both having accidents every night, and even wetting through a Pull-Up. Her 10 year old son was beginning to fight her about having to wear a Pull-Up because he was tired of “feeling like a baby”.


Our 40 years of treating bed wetting has shown us that from an emotional standpoint, it’s best to first enroll the older of two children in our treatment program. It can be quite a challenge for an older sibling to watch his/her younger sibling begin to have dry nights before them.


This is the approach we took with the siblings in this case, and it worked out beautifully.  After completion of treatment with the youngest child, Claudia, the Treatment Advisor for both boys, received a beautiful handwritten Thank You card.



Their mom commented that it was the boys’ idea. She also mentioned the upcoming week-long visit to their grandfather’s cottage. In the past, neither boy felt comfortable with sleepovers because of the nighttime wetting, and now, the siblings were actually looking forward to this visit. That’s true freedom!


Source:  Michael Stallsmith, M.A., Sp.A, Director of Treatment

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