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Stop Wetting the Bed at Night

call_main_imageHere is a letter a mom sent to us.  We truly appreciate the kind words about her daughter’s success with our bed wetting solution.

Dear Susan and Barbara,

“We are grateful to you for helping Carrie overcome her nighttime enuresis problem.  We are thrilled to think that after only five months, she has gone from being an almost nightly bed wetter, to being dry every night.  We asked the doctor over and over how to stop bedwetting in older child.  We were tired of the ONLY suggestion – wait.

Achieving this success with hour bed-wetting treatment has helped her self-esteem tremendously.  Carrie is almost nine years old, and has a fraternal twin sister and an older brother.  Her sister never had a problem with enuresis from the time she reached the age of three.  Carrie did not like being the only one in the family wetting the bed at night.

Carrie is also receiving help for ADHA (“Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.”) and we began to see the bedwetting and ADHD connection.   She has asked me on more than one occasion.  “Why is everything wrong with me?”  It broke my heart to hear her ask that, and while it was easy to list many positive traits about Carrie, I could understand her feelings of discouragement.

Until Carrie was seven, we had chosen to let nature take its course and we hoped that she would grow out of the problem.  We let her wear Pull-Ups and GoodNites to bed and never made any big deal over her bedwetting problem.  As I mentioned earlier, it was nearly a nightly occurrence and this seemed to be the least stressful path to take.  Once she turned seven, I wanted to take a more proactive stand and I ordered a bedwetting alarm.  We tried using it, had no idea what was the right steps to take and she hated feeling responsible when it did not wake her.  After awhile it became apparent that nothing was improving.  The next step we took was to try the nasal spray, DDAVP.  Carrie was dry the first night, but not the second or third.  It almost seemed hopeless when that didn’t work.  I also realized all along that the so called bedwetting medication would only be a temporary fix anyway.

At this point in time I called my sister because I thought that a couple of her children might have had problems with nighttime enuresis.  She told me about looking for ensures therapy and found you.  She said you had the best bed wetting solution in the United States!  Your long standing bedwetting center helped her teens with their teen bedwetting problem – two daughters at ages eighteen and thirteen.  I looked up Enuresis on the Internet and found information about the center there.  Then I called, scheduled an appointment and the rest is history –along with the wet nights.

One bonus from this process is that Carrie was able to see the results of working diligently to reach a goal.  We started seeing the results very early on and that encourages us to keep working.  She was a trooper, and she feels proud of her accomplishment.  From the beginning the Enuresis Treatment Center gave us a real treatment plan (stop wetting the bed at night!)  and ….hope, and now that we’ve reached the end we can definitely say that it gave us results.  Thank you Susan and Barbara for your cheerleading, patience, help, and encouragement.  You were terrific!”

Sincerely yours,

Cheryl, Carrie and Family


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