Bed Wetting Medicine Is Not The Best Option


Mom’s shares why bed wetting medicine was not the best option.

Dear Barbara,

bedwetting-medicineFrom the onset, we believe that the use of so called “bed wetting medicine” was not the best option to successfully address a bedwetting problem.  That belief has been reinforced through participation in your enuresis treatment program.  It truly is a program requiring participation by the rest of the family, and we are grateful that we were able to be a part of Justin’s success.

The combination of addressing sleep, bladder problems and all the signaling needed was a nearly miraculous effect.  We were amazed when we saw how his deep-sleep bedwetting was the cause.  We were told deep sleep was good sleep.  I thought he was the best child because he slept through everything.  It is now easy to see how that deep sleep “non-arousable” sleep contributed to the problem.  And.. you truly understood how to stop bedwetting…

Although it was a long and sometimes arduous undertaking, it was definitely worth the effort and time.  It certainly was not easy, but most things worthwhile are not. the best bed wetting solution means no more wet bed…ever.

It is a pleasure to see Justin gain confidence.  He’s not at the point where he feels ready for a sleep-over, but I’m sure he will be soon.  The smiles on his face after waking up dry are so pleasant to see compared to the dejected frowns to which we were becoming accustomed.  He also did not want to take the bed wetting medicine (DDAVP) suggested by the pediatrician.  He did not believe it would work.  My research confirmed this.

Thank you for making a difference.  We’ll continue to pass the word about the service you offer, because we have seen what a positive impact it can have.


Chuck, Sue, Stephanie, and Justin

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