My Son: ADD & ADHD Along with Wetting The Bed

Dear Staff of Enuresis Treatment Center,

Thank you so much for what you offer to families with children whom have sleep disorders.  You have changed our lived through your program and we share it with everyone we talk to with children who have the same symptoms.

Our path for solving this problem was much like Barbra’s.  We wanted to “Find the right answers” as to why our son was wetting the bed every night.  We were not happy with our Pediatricians answer, “He’ll grow out of it”.

I, Nathan, work for the public school system in an elementary building that has a “Special Ed. Program” for ADD & ADHD children.  My son attends the same building.  His first grade teacher is one of our friends.  I talked to the Special Ed. Teachers, asked questions of my son’s teacher and realized that he was being considered for ADD testing because he could not pay attention during class.

Now looking back, we are so glad that we did not follow the suggestion of our friends and the school staff’s to have him tested.  Doctor’s have medication to stop children from wetting the bed, and the thought of “drugging” my son for his “problem” would have made me furious.

I talked with another friend, a Special Ed. Teacher, and she said that in College the professor’s don’t spend too much time talking about how sleep disorders have an effect on a child’s ability to concentrate, though covered, not extensively.  It was never offered to us that there could be a link between his bed wetting and his level of concentration.

After using your program, my son’s teacher noticed this improvement in his work habits after only three months.  I told her all about the program and she had never heard that a sleep disorder could cause a child to act “that way” in class.  She said; “don’t you think, as a teacher, that I should know about this?”  We need to get this information out to the public school system, so teachers don’t assume that a child is ADD or ADHD.

How terrible to use drugs on a child when there is a non-drug , healthy way to fully cure a child.

My son graduated from the program after ten months!
Thank you so much for your help, and friendship.


Nathan and Shari

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