No Regrets!

Dear Michael,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and guidance during Donny’s treatment.  At 13 years of age we had about given up on finding the answer to Don’s bed wetting.  Through our doctor kept assuring us that in time he would outgrow the bedwetting, it just didn’t happen.  As I’m sure you understand, for a teenager, this was a problem of huge proportion.  When we discovered the Enuresis Treatment Center program on the Internet, we decided to give it a try.  It appeared that we had nothing to lose, and I can tell you that we were desperate.

From the first contact with Shelly we felt immediately that we had as long last found someone who understood exactly what we were going through and that a sure was definitely within our reach.  Your program was concise and easy to follow.  Because of Don’s age, he was able to handle many of the tasks on his own, with occasional monitoring from us.  He felt very much in control and empowered by this.  And in turn, when success came, he felt very much that it was his own achievement.  Results for us, came very quickly.  I can’t tell you how excited Don was to “beat the beeper” or to constantly wake up dry.  Michael, your caring and compassionate approach during our conferences was in turn informative and comforting.  We all felt that we had a friend in you, and looked forward your calls.

Three weeks ago, I sent my son off to his first year of high school.  After a splendid summer of Scout Camp, Church Mission trips, and numerous overnights he is a happy and confident young man.  Assured now that he can participate fully in all the things that normal teenagers do.

Thank you Shelly, Michael, and the E.T.C for being there for us.  Do we have any regrets?  Only that we didn’t find you sooner.  Do we have any advice to anyone contemplating the program?  Do it!!  The program is reasonable and efficient.  That staff is caring and knowledgeable.  The great feeling of success for any parent and their child when complete dryness is achieved and not only exhilarating, it’s priceless!!



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