Nurse and Pharmacist Recommend Bed Wetting Program

Recommendation from a Nurse and Pharmacist to Parents Considering the Enuresis Treatment Center’s Program

I am the mother of a thirteen year old daughter and came upon the site for the Enuresis Treatment Center quite by chance. (I had been searching for a better bed wetting alarm online, as the other one we had been using wasn’t working out. Our daughter would sleep through the alarm and it would be too late to get to the bathroom on time.) I read through many of the testimonials and the history of how the Center got started. The fact that it had been around for so long was a big factor in our decision to try out the program The other factor was the money-back guarantee. As many parents of bedwetting children know, a lot of money goes to expensive alarm systems (that ultimately fail), pull-ups (that are only a Band-Aid solution), medications, even extra money spent on the added laundry can add up! As a parent you start to become leery of throwing more money at yet another promise to cure bedwetting.
Well, I printed out the information from the Center’s website and had my husband read it over (he’s a pharmacist and I have a degree in nursing.) He had read some research a while back that supported the idea that bedwetting is actually a sleep disorder. He had started to become convinced that was what our daughter had and so after reading the information I showed him, he was on board with giving it a try. I should mention that we have three daughters, all of whom have a lung disease that require many medications and intensive chest physiotherapy each and every day. The thought of putting our daughter on yet another drug was out of the question or at the very last, a last resort.
The bedwetting program is extremely safe and non-invasive, welcome news for any parent concerned about using a drug and its potential for side effects on their child. It does require effort on both the parents and the child. The treatment steps are easy to do, but require time and patience. We loved the fact that we could use this program even though we live in Canada. We were in contact with our treatment advisor via telephone and e-mailed our reports. You can’t beat that, especially if you are already leading a busy lifestyle (who isn’t these day?)
We stared the program in March of 2012 and our daughter just graduated this September! So, in just six months, our daughter went from having a soaked bed with no recollection of the night to totally dry in the morning. On the occasional middle of the night trip to the bathroom, she wakes up (fully!) is able to get there on time and best of all REMEMBERS the trip in the morning (something that never happened before!)
We took our girls on a dream trip to Disneyland this summer and for the FIRST time ever, we had absolutely no worries about an overnight stay outside our home. It made the trip even that much more special.
The BEST outcome of all, however, is our daughter’s quality of sleep and self-esteem. The teen years are some of the hardest years in terms of school demands and self-confidence. To have our daughter have this bedwetting issue resolved as she enters her teen years is priceless.
The program was money well spent, the staff excellent (A BIG THANK YOU to Claudia, our treatment advisor, who was very knowledgeable, informative and encouraging every step of the way!!!) and it was so fast!
We highly recommend this program to any parent out there who is considering it. We love to tell people who have never heard about the Enuresis Treatment Centert (close friends as well as other medical professionals) about the success our daughter has achieved.
Thank you to everyone and best wishes to all children and parents who enroll in the program!
Steve and Glenda
September 2012
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