Our Bed Wetting Treatment Approach

It’s natural for anyone considering our bed wetting treatment program to want to know what it includes and what makes it unique.  With 47 years of experience, we have narrowed it down to these pivotal factors:

Sleep Pattern – The central focus of our program.  Said simply, we take an unhealthy sleep pattern and develop a healthy one.  Said scientifically, we develop a neural pathway in the brain which creates a new pattern to replace the old.  This is essential for ending the bed wetting!  It’s non-invasive, effective, and permanent.   

The Brain-Bladder Connection – The brain and the bladder must communicate in order for the bedwetting to stop completely.  Presently there is a disconnect between them due to the unhealthy sleep pattern.  As the sleep changes, the connection is established, and you begin to see the bed wetting go away as we progress in treatment.  It’s encouraging!

Bladder Development The bladder tends to lose the capacity to grow or be strong enough because of the involuntarily emptying at night.  Also, the pelvic floor muscle of the bladder tends to weaken because it’s not being utilized to stop the flow of urine.  Therefore, improvement is needed to enable the bladder to hold urine in it all night long.  We have developed exercises targeted to produce this result.

Additional Symptoms We also address any daytime challenges such as urgent needs and frequent needs to use the bathroom, and any leaking or accidents.  This includes encopresis (bowel challenges).

Please know this:  You are not doing ANYTHING alone!  No guesswork; no hoping you’ll get it right.  Treatment is carried out effectively by phone. Communication is the key component to the outcome you’ve called on us to produce.  We are the experts, and we are your partner.  Together we permanently bring about an end to bed wetting and the stress it creates.


Click here for The result of the study “Sleep Disorders of Arousal,” by Roger J. Broughton

This shows the differences between the normal sleep pattern and that of a bedwetter.  This study forms the basis of our bedwetting treatment approach.

Note:  Due to the complexities and variations of an individual’s needs, a First Step Consultation is required before we consider treatment.    Please call 800-379-2331.

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