Our Bedwetting Treatment Approach

The Bedwetting Cure™ is the #1 Doctor-Referred treatment for permanently ending bedwetting for two good reasons:

#1 Because we manage every aspect of care with our “therapist-assisted” approach, which eliminates any and all guesswork; guaranteeing results + substantiating our 97% success rate.

#2 Because our protocol targets the parasomnia – the deep-sleep disorder.  We get to the source of the bedwetting.  Without doing so, other methods consistently fail.  Most doctors know they can’t treat this non-medical issue and refer their patients to us.  

Our approach is a BREAKTHROUGH in the treatment of bedwetting and its underlying, unhealthy pattern of sleep.  We’ve created a clear and comprehensive pathway for families to follow from home, and with our expert guidance, a dry bed is in the near future.

Here’s what every family in our care receives:

  • Our specialized treatment elements delivered to their home
  • An individualized plan of care + a personal Bedwetting Treatment Therapist to manage the plan
  • Our exclusive protocol for creating a healthy pattern of sleep
  • Our conditioning techniques for the bladder and the pelvic floor

The Process

We begin by sending to you a discreetly marked package containing all of the elements you’ll need to engage the process from home.  Then we partner you with one of our expert Bedwetting Treatment Therapists.  They’ll introduce you to the specific course of treatment aimed at developing the new pattern of sleep.

The plan will be tailored to meet your child’s needs.  Each patient’s plan must be individualized due to the nature of the process–correcting the disordered sleep pattern.  Your therapist will closely monitor the sleep pattern’s progressive adaptation, and make changes accordingly to ensure you meet milestones and remain on course.

Treatment is carried out by phone between you and your therapist.  They tailor the protocol and provide you with full support during the entire journey.  Communication and consistency are the cornerstones of success.

Self-help is not a viable option for this condition, which is why most people have tried numerous alarms and misleading treatment recommendations and made little to no progress.  Expert modifications are necessary when training the brain for proper sleep, and to end the bedwetting permanently.  You learn methodical and productive actions to take.  No more shots in the dark!

Once your child completes the program, they’ll naturally achieve healthy sleep every night–for the first time in their life–and wake up in a dry bed every morning–for the rest of their life! Guaranteed!

The Length Of Time

The average length of treatment is a minimum of six months.  Factors that determine the length of anybody’s program are consistency of implementation, the bedwetter’s age, and their wetting frequency.  The final two months of the program are the most important of all.  This is the “over-learning” phase.  This is how we’re able to guarantee that a new and healthy pattern of sleep has been permanently established, and that bedwetting will never return down the road.

Important Note:  We need enough time to work with teen patients before they leave for college.  We recommend you call no later than junior year of high school to have a buffer for timely completion.  The younger the age of the patient, the faster they complete the program.

The Pivotal Factors Of Treatment

With nearly five decades of experience, we’ve narrowed down what’s needed to end bedwetting to these pivotal factors:

Sleep Pattern Correction –  This is the central focus of our program.  Said simply, we take an unhealthy sleep pattern, and develop a healthy one.  Said scientifically, we develop a neural pathway in the brain which “accepts” the healthy sleep pattern.  The process is called neurodevelopment.

Your child’s treatment plan is tailored to ensure their brain responds properly.  No two plans of care are alike.  Each of our patients is the beneficiary of our non-invasive method of cognitive training, and the successful end result is positive and permanent. 

We recommend you visit The Underlying Sleep Disorder page here to learn more about the disordered pattern causing bedwetting to continue year after year.

Brain-Bladder Reconnection – The brain and bladder must communicate in order for the bedwetting to stop completely.  For the bedwetter, there is a disconnect between them due to the depth of their sleep.  As we change the pattern, the connection between the brain and bladder grows stronger.  You begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel as the bedwetting begins to taper off.  Once the new and healthy sleep pattern is established, the brain and bladder automatically connect as designed.  Then the bedwetting is history!

Bladder DevelopmentThe bladder tends to lose the capacity to grow or be strong enough because of the involuntarily emptying at night.  Therefore, improvement is needed to enable the bladder to hold urine in it all night long.  Otherwise, once the bedwetting is eliminated, the now healthy sleep will be interrupted by multiple trips to the bathroom.  We also know that if the bladder remains underdeveloped, it will cause them to have more frequent needs to urinate during the day.  As such, we’ve developed an exercise specifically targeted to ensure proper bladder capacity.

Pelvic Floor Conditioning – The pelvic floor muscles of the bladder tend to weaken and desensitize because they’re not being utilized at night.  This can lead to daytime urinary issues like rushing to the bathroom, leaking, or accidents. This also can include bowel challenges like constipation.  Implementing a specific exercise, we ensure the muscles are strong and sensitive enough to not only eliminate and/or prevent the above daytime challenges, but also to make certain that once we’ve eliminated the bedwetting, there isn’t any leaking occurring in the night due to the weakened muscles.

What does NOT cause bedwetting?

  • Psychological irregularities
  • Physiological challenges
  • Fluid consumption
  • Toilet training mistakes
  • A missing hormone
  • An underdeveloped bladder
  • Erratic bedtimes
  • Constipation
  • Poor diet
  • Laziness

What does NOT cure bedwetting?

  • Medication
  • Pull-ups or Goodnites
  • Alarms by themselves
  • Mats, pads & bracelets
  • Restricting fluids
  • Changes in diet
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Constipation therapy
  • Rewards or punishment
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Removal of tonsils & adenoids
  • Awakening in the night for trips to the bathroom
  • PTNS – Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation

Please know this:  All of these attempts to cure bedwetting only scratch the surface, or have no relationship to proper treatment whatsoever. That’s why families try these things and see no results or only temporary ones. Money and time were wasted; disappointment was the outcome. It’s heartbreaking for both the parents and the child.

We have been ending bedwetting for nearly five decades, and we know the misinformation that exists out there.  Be informed about the Top Five Misleading Methods That Don’t Work by clicking here.

Our Invitation To You

Because we know you have questions, we invite you to reach out to us for an informational conversation.  Allow us to provide you with some relief by knowing there’s legitimate help available.  At that time, you may wish to schedule your First Step Consultation.  No obligation.  

A dry bed every morning is within reach when you take The First Step hereThis is an investment in your child’s future.  Reassuring references are available.

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