Overnight Camp: A Bed Wetting Nightmare For Children With Enuresis


Older Children Bed Wetting – Fear of Discovery 

Fear of discovery for older children bed wetting is one of the most anxiety-filled issues that a bedwetter has.  Discovery of the problem often leads to dreaded experiences like being teased, shamed, humiliated, and ostracized.


That worry is at its most intense for someone who wets the bed who attend overnight summer camp.  As all of the fellow campers are jumping into their beds at night, the bedwetter, climbs into his bed hoping he can stay awake all night to try not to wet the bed, and, if he does wet, mornings would be a quick and panicked effort to hide wet sheets or dispose of pull-ups.


Worse yet, if the child has daytime control problems, (a result of constant nighttime wetting), then being around other campers is even more taxing emotionally and psychologically.  Worry and anxiety mark each day, and that effects a child’s free-spirited and fun-filled time.


Frequently children who wet the bed complain that they don’t like summer camp.  Usually it’s because they don’t want to attend due to the singular enuresis concern of being “found out”.  Parents may temporarily administer a drug known as DDAVP to try to avoid bedwetting episodes while their child is away, but it doesn’t always work and won’t ensure a stress-free camp stay.


Again, we can see how the problem that the doctors say will be “outgrown” can cause psychological havoc which may lower self-esteem, increase a sense of failure, and contribute to an overall feeling of being “different”.  Bed wetting is a thief that robs children of much of their childhood, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

lyle     Lyle Danuloff, Ph. D.

Dr. Danuloff is the past president of the Michigan Psychological Association, and has been on staff at Enuresis Treatment Center for over 30 years.